You Can Never Guess Whom PM Modi Will Appointed as the Next Research and Analysis Wing Chief!!

“I want to express my gratitude to the people of Balochistan, Gilgit & Azad Kashmir for the way they whole-heartedly thanked me. People of a distant land I haven’t even seen…when they thank the Indian PM, it’s an honour for the 125 crore people of the country.” These were Prime Minister Modi’s words from the Red Fort this year. These were the words that set rolling an aggressive & proactive policy vis-a-vis Pakistan. And now probably the most important decision has been taken by the Prime Minister in this regard.

The post of the RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) chief is going to be vacant on January 31st 2017, & the man likely to fill the place is considered to be an Expert on Balochistan!

AK Dhasmana is a 1981-batch Madhya Pradesh cadre IPS officer. He has served at key locations including London & Frankfurt, & has also handled SAARC & Europe desks. He is regarded as an expert on counter-terrorism & Islamic affairs, & has vast experience on Pakistan & Afghanistan.

The typical stint of a RAW chief is of two years unless the government wishes to extend it. Dhasmana is said to enjoy NSA Ajit Doval’s confidence which is a major plus as Ajit Doval is the right-hand man for PM Modi when it comes to any security related matter. Dhasmana is set to replace RAW chief Rajinder Khanna.

Those close to Dhasmana say he’s a go-getter & has an extensive network in the region. It is also said that through his vast contacts & reach, he was able to stall the construction of the Gwadar port by about six years.

With Prime Minister Modi having taken a stern course of action against Pakistan not only on the border but even on the diplomatic front, this move could be another game-changer in the region’s geopolitics. Just like Dhasmana, Ajit Doval too is a specialist on matters regarding Pakistan, & the trio of the RAW chief, the soon-to-be NSA & the Prime Minister, would definitely ring the alarm bells in Pakistan. This move again shows that this government will not take Pakistan’s interference in Kashmir lying down. Instead it will do exactly that what Pakistan has been doing for decades in India (other than the terrorism) – raise the genuine human rights violations in Balochistan inflicted by the Pakistani Army & ISI – & tangle Pakistan within its own borders.

Vinayak Jain