Can you believe that Congress President Rahul Gandhi insulted Goddess Sita?

The “janeu-dhari” Brahman who is on a temple run -initially in Gujarat and now in Karnataka- has insulted the 100 crore Hindus of India. After calling Hindus as deadlier than the terrorists, the Congress vice-president has now insulted Goddess Sita.

Yesterday, the Congress led opposition went totally defenseless as PM Modi exposed Congress and its blunders carried on since 1947. “I also want India of Gandhi’s dream. And Gandhi had said since the country has got independence, now Congress is not required and should be disbanded. This Congress-mukt Bharat is Gandhi’s dream. We are trying to follow the path shown by him”.

With this statement, PM Modi fiercely started his historic speech in the Rajya Sabha. Later, quoting former President of India late R Venkataraman, PM Modi said, “Tata said he felt that after 1980 the Congress party did not ask for poll funding from industrialist as the parties expense were run from the commission coming from defence deals”.

Hearing this, Congress began creating ruckus in the parliament and that’s when Rajya Sabha MP Renuka Chowdhury started to laugh weirdly. Immediately, the vice-president of India, Mr Venakaiah Naidu, had to interfere and bashed her by saying “If you have some problem, go to the doctor please. Sit down, this is not the way. Don’t resort to such a lose talk”.

But PM Modi interfered by saying “Chairman sir, I request you to not say anything to Renuka ji. After Ramayan serial, we have got the privilege of hearing this kind of laughter today”.

Here comes Rahul Gandhi’s statement that insulted Goddess Sita!

PM Modi just mentioned “Ramayan serial” and no where spoke about any characters. May it be evil characters or legendary characters. But Rahul Gandhi’s reaction indicated that he assumed Renuka Chowdhury’s character to demon “Shurpanaka” of Ramayan.

Surpanakha is the sister of the main antagonist, Ravana, King of Lanka. She once tried to harass Sita and tried to kill her in order to free up Rama. But Lakshmana catches her, brings her in front of Sita and Rama, then cuts her nose.

WATCH!!! Here is the video where Shurpanaka’s nose is chopped off!

But, Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi had equated Renuka Chowdhury with Goddess Sita. Yes, he equated Renuka Chowdhury with “Sita Maa” whose is worshipped by crores and crores of not just Hindus but even people across all religions.

Let me explain you how this is an insult to Goddess Sita!

Renuka Chowdhury started her career in 1984 as a member of Telugu Desam Party. But she left Telugu Desam Party to join Congress party in 1998. But Sita maa had stuck to what she believed even at the toughest time- it may be the “agnipareeksha” or even “14 year of exile”. But Renuka Chowdhury jumped from one party to another to fulfil her political ambition.

“Rape to chalte hi rehte hain” (rape is common)! This was the response of Renuka Chowdhury responding to a question on rape. ‘Rape to chalte hi rehte hai’ (rape is common) and if they arrest someone after 10-20 days and think that we will pat their back then this won’t happen, she had said this in 2016 when Uttar Pradesh was ruled by Rahul Gandhi’s close friend Akhilesh Yadav.

I am sure that “Sita Maa” would never have such an opinion about “women and rape”. Now, it is the task of Indians to force the Congress President to tender an apology for insulting the Hindu sentiments.

Hansika Raj