Can you believe that on Republic Day, a British ripped apart Sagarika Ghose for taunting Hindus?

Journalist and the wife of Rajdeep Sardesai is been once again bashed but this time it has come from a foreigner. Yesterday, a Pakistan backed ‘Black Day’ campaign was organised outside the Indian High Commission in Central London.

This ‘Black Day’ was organised by Lord Nazir Ahmed, a pro-Pakistan baron in the House of Lords. These liars said that Kashmiris are opposed in India and that’s why they wanted Azad Kashmir. But the Indians slammed the liar’s hypocrisy then and there itself. “I am here today to tell Lord Nazir that they are asking for independence for my state of J&K but I want freedom from Pakistan sponsored terrorism, ceasefire violations, and their proxy war”, said an Indian activist.

WATCH!!! Clashes erupted outside Indian High Commission in London as British Lord Nazir called for Azad Kashmir on India’s Republic Day

But the one who back-stabbed Indians at this crucial junction was none other than Sagarika Ghose. On Repubic Day, she tweeted “British Lawmaker Launches Campaign Against India, Claims Minorities Not Safe”.

Actually, she should have countered this liar Pakistani lawmaker by saying that minorities are safe in India. But she has more trust in foreigners who hate India than the Indians.

How a British taught Sagarika Ghose to be loyal to India?

Can you believe that a British tendered an apology for the 1.31 billion of Indians for the new sense created by the Pakistani origin lawmaker.

  • “I apologise to India that such a wrongun comes from our country to demonise yours. A muslim complaining about minority rights??? complain to Pakistan about minority right you idiot”.


What will you say Sagarika Ghose?

  • “A tight slap to Sagarika Ghose”. Those pidi knows how to embarrass herself on international level”.

India has more number of minorities than the entire population of few leading nations!

  • Minority in India is bigger than entire population of UK or may be Europe. But they bash India because in India you can bash govt. But will Mr British Lawmaker ever dare to question that about Saudis and Islamic countries??


Is Sagarika Ghose a mouth-piece of Pakistan?

  • What rights ? Tell Sagarika Ghose to fight for rights of all religions to have places of worship in Saudi Arabia if she has guts and she is unbiased.

Hey Sagarika, India is secular!

“India is and has been inherently secular from time immemorial. We don’t pray 5 times a day shouting “Ours is the only true God”. The community which should imbibe secular values is quite obvious. Introspect why it couldn’t coexist with any religion around the globe in peace”.

A Pakistani who left his country for western riches complains of minority ‘Persecution’ in India while conveniently forgetting the state of minorities in his own country and durbari pidis reporting it awesome.

Is Sagarika Ghose a communal like her husband?

  • Ok, so a Pakistani is complaining about minority safety in India after killing the minority in his own country.
    What’s the next joke madam?
    1- Chinese saying democracy in danger
    2- kim Jong saying india to hold elections regularly
    3- Bagdadi saying we all should live with peace

Will she speak for Hindus who are suffering in Pakistan?

  • How shameful, why can’t he go to Pakistan and protest there for right of minority Hindu. And run a campaign against terrorism.

Hansika Raj


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