Can you imagine that Lalu Prasad’s son owns 26 properties! What has happened to India?

Noose around the corrupt Yadav family tightened when raids were conducted on properties owned by family members of Lalu Prasad Yadav. There is now a growing chorus demanding the resignation of Tejashwi Yadav but the RJD has clearly denied heeding to any such demands.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar even had a long conversation with Tejashwi Yadav privately but hasn’t taken any decision on him nor has he pressurised him to resign.

BJP leader Sushil Modi has released details of 26 properties allegedly owned by Tejashwiwithout having any known source of income. He showed land registration documents and alleged that 13 properties registered in his name are in Patna and Gopalganj, while the remaining 13 were owned by companies in which he is either a director or a shareholder.

Modi said, “Two out of the 13 plots of land which Tejashwi directly owns were registered in his name in 1993 when he was around three years old. Ten more properties were registered in his name between 2004 and 2009, when his father Lalu was rail minister. One plot at Bairiya on the outskirts of Patna was registered in his name in 2009.”

With these allegations it becomes even tougher for Nitish Kumar to not take any visible action and still claim that his government abides by the ‘zero tolerance towards corruption’ stand.

Tejashwi’s weak defence that he was minor when the properties were registered in his name and hence he can’t be accused of corruption was dismissed by Sushil Modi.

Modi said, “Delight Marketing was given three acres of land in Patna through 10 sale deeds in 2005.In 2013-14, the firm was taken over by Tejashwi and Rabri Devi. He must have been 23 at that time. In 2016, when Lara Projects LLP (Delight Marketing was rechristened as Lara Projects in 2016) entered into an agreement with RJD MLA Abu Dojana’s firm Meridian Construction (India) Limited for development of a mall on the three acres of land, Tejashwi was the deputy CMof Bihar.”

He went on to give details of the 13 properties acquired through firms owned by Tejashwi: “Tejashwi acquired 13 properties through shell firms run by him and other family members of Lalu, including Rabri Devi and elder son and health minister Tej Pratap. These shell firms are Delight Marketing Company Pvt Ltd, Ab Exports Private Limited and AK Infosystems Private Limited.”

Nitish Kumar can’t be exonerated from blame as he knew what he was getting into when he forged an alliance with the corrupt Lalu Prasad. But then all Nitish could see was power. Today, Nitish can either save his reputation as a clean leader or be prepared to give up power and go back to NDA’s fold that surely wouldn’t go down well with his ego.

Vinayak Jain