Capt Amarinder Singh backs Modi government says give free hand to Indian Army to tackle Kashmir issue!

Senior Congress party leaders have continuously politicised the martyrdom of our soldiers in the Valley by targeting the Modi government for not being able to solve the Kashmir issue. But Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh stands with the Modi government on this sensitive issue.

He says, “Talks cannot take place in an atmosphere of violence. The security forces should be given a free hand to rein in trouble-makers in the Valley. The government must ensure that law and order is maintained in Kashmir first and then you can talk.”

There have been absolutely absurd statements on the Kashmir issue made by some Congress leaders. One of them is Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, who has gone on to say that he had a ‘sinking feeling’ that Kashmir was nearly lost to India because the government was using ‘brute force’ to quell dissent there.

When such is the thought process of top Congress leaders, one can understand who is truly responsible for the ongoing Kashmir problem. The problem began because of Jawaharlal Nehru and it has risen in intensity because of Congress’s spineless rule of decades.

Today, separatists thrive in the Valley and have considerable following. They’ve built their support-base over time without any interference. Terrorism has not only literally infiltrated deep into the Kashmiri territory but even into the mindset of many living there. All this because of Congress’s mollycoddling of terrorists and separatists because they feared losing their Muslim vote-bank.

However, Capt Amarinder Singh’s response to use muscle to tame anti-nationals is in stark contradiction to Congress’s usual position. “The government’s writ must run. If you think people can take law into their hands, pelt stones and smash people up, and then think that the government is going to talk to them… certainly not. I will be the first person to object to that,” he said.

He then went on to openly defend Prime Minister Modi, saying,“The prime minister should not be blamed for every violent act in the Valley.”

His comments are logical in every sense. Those rising against the forces and the Indian flag must be stomped down with muscle. Also, the prime minister cannot be blamed for every incident. It would be idiotic to assume that he doesn’t want to or isn’t doing anything. Capt Amarinder Singh’s comments are welcome when today opposition is done by politicians just for personal political gain.

Vinayak Jain