Researchers found 6000-year old Lord Rama & Lord Hanuman carvings in Silemania, Iraq

Hinduism is the most ancient religion in the world. Previously we had written about the existence of a Shiva linga in Mecca. The fact is that people are raising controversies when there is nothing relevant to debate.

Pakistan born Canadian author has claimed that all Indian Muslims came from a Hindu lineage. He has often said that he is proud of his Hindu ancestry. Archaeologists have found that an ancient Ram Temple existed in Sumer.

Sumer was the first urban civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia, modern day southern Iraq. Modern Archaeologists have made some astonishing discoveries.

Sir Leonard Woolley’s discovery can be seen as a triumph of modern archaeology. Sir Charles Leonard Woolley  (17 April 1880 – 20 February 1960) was a British Archaeologist best known for his excavations at Ur in Mesopotamia.

Sir Leonard Woolley unearthed Lord Rama & Lord Hanuman’s carvings.

Woolley forgot to highlight its significance in World history. This finding reminds us that the ancient Hindu religion was in practice even during the Mesopotamian civilization. This extremely crucial finding not only bridges the wide gaps between Indian tradition & archaeology but also unfurls the spiritual & historic connections that once united the great Indian nation with Iraq & Sumer.

Ram-sin of Larsa to whose memory this chapel was dedicated is Lord Rama of Valmiki. The name Ararama of Larsa is said to be an echo of Lord Rama. This Ram Chapel at UR may be the earliest known memorial of Lord Rama and was possibly erected by Dilmun merchants who resided close by. Sumerian texts always mentioned about Dilmun with Magan (ancient oman) and Melukkha. There is a possiblity that these 3 states were allied to each other.

The reason why liberal Indian media is keeping quite on this is because they have probably been funded by Saudi Arabia to keep their mouth shut. They aim at turning India into an Islamic state, which will never happen. The great culture & traditions will continue to flourish.


Tony Joseph


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