Caste system even in Christianity? A Dalit Christian killed in Kerala for marrying a Syrian Christian

Yet again a victim to honour killing. A ‘Dalit-Christian’ youth has been killed in an unfortunate incident in Kerala. It is reported that he was abducted and brutally murdered. The abandoned dead body of Kevin (26) was later found in a river near Thenmala, Kollam. Kevin’s wife, Neenu Chacko (20), had already filed a petition after Kevin was abducted on Sunday. She has also named her brother Shanu Chacko and 11 people in her complaint.

Kevin is a Dalit Christian and and his wife Neenu belongs to the so-called upper caste Dalit-Christian. It is reported that Neenu’s family was against the affair and marriage, both were forced to elope and get married.

Honour killing reported in Kerala. ‘Dalit Christian’ youth brutally murdered by the killer squad of CPM with the connivance of Pinarayi Police. His crime was he married an ‘upper caste’ Syrian Xian girl!

The twelve of them who were involved in the murder are either leaders or workers of the DYFI (youth-wing of CPM). The main accused Niyas, who hired the vehicle for abduction, is DYFI Thenmala unit secretary. Kevin was subject to brutal torture before murdering and his eyes were reportedly gouged out by the DYFI goons.

Lots of efforts are been done to defame and destroy Hinduism. It’s painful to see that judicial system is incapable of doing justice to INNOCENT Hindu Saints who devote their whole lives for country’s welfare.Racism, Castism are concepts that have been brought to India by westerners. Hinduism preaches “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.”Caste system” as a word itself has no Indian origin. Britishers used it as a tool to divide India. Hinduism doesn’t preach Castism. Sanatan Dharma is based on Karma.

The Reds in Kerala are the most regressive, violent, arrogant with a misplaced sense of entitlement. Though obsolete politically, these termites are unfortunately entrenched in Universities, Media Houses, Bollywood and Labour unions. It’s time for some Pest Control now !

Communists killed a ‘Dalit Christian’ for marrying a ‘Syrian Christian’ girl in the nation’s ‘most literate state’ – And they tell us that ‘honour killings’ only happen in Hindu Khap panchayats in Haryana and there is no ‘caste’ in Christianity and communists are ‘progressive’!

The victims family has outraged against the Kerala police. They have serious frustation that the investigation officer was bribed by the Neenu’s family and he refused to take immediate action on the petition. All the accused have very strong connections with the ruling CPM that might have also thwarted the progress of the investigation. Of late, there have also been media reports about the rampant politicization of Kerala police under the CPM regime.

To protest against the brutal incident of honour killing in connivance of local CPM leaders and police, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has called for a dawn-to-dusk hartal in Kottayam district on Tuesday. Unfortunately, there is no outrage or protest against the honour killing incident as the fingers are pointed at the powerful church and the ruling communist party.

Catholics have too many sects and don’t go to each other’s church despite one Jesus, one Bible. Do not allow inter-sect marriages. They follow a high level of caste system and still try to defame Hinduism.There have been widespread protests by various ‘Dalit-Christian’ groups against the gross discrimination by upper-caste Syrian Christians in Kerala.

In a recent report, Syrian Christian Bishop had to come out openly against the caste-based discrimination and untouchability prevailing in the Church. Dalit Christians are not allowed to marry majority of upper-caste Christians, known as Syrian Christians, in Kerala. Syrian Christians believe in a myth that their forefathers were Brahmins. So the newly converted Dalit Christians are banned from entering the Syrian churches or burying the dead bodies at a common cemetery, instead, the Dalit Christians are given exclusive churches and cemeteries in Kerala and other south Indian states.




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