Cattle smugglers kill one BSF guard along India-Bangladesh border; But no protest by seculars and liberals

From a newbie journalist to a veteran politician, everyone was seen shouting on streets to put a break on the cow vigilantism. But when the same cow vigilantes were thrashed by the cattle smugglers, none of these came up protesting.

Similar incident has happened and that too with the warriors who are safeguarding our nation. The BSF head constable Tushar Kanti Das tried to stop a vehicle that was approaching the check post at Angrail area of North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal.

But the cattle smugglers who had tasted the blood of animals didn’t hesitate to kill this head constable who was on duty. The smugglers hit the constable with their vehicle and dragged him to a nearby shop. After doing this, the driver and a passenger fled from the spot. The constable was soon admitted to a hospital in Bongaon but the doctors said that he was brought dead.

Security forces were successful to arrest another passenger who was present in the vehicle. While inspecting the vehicle, a total of five head of cattle were recovered.

These kinds of violence seem to be very common in the Indian soil that share border with Bangladesh. This is not the first time when Indian Security Personnel became the victim of cattle smugglers. Over the few years, the clash between BSF and the smugglers has increased as the security has been beefed by to end the cattle smuggling.

Those who watched “India’s first line of defence” that was created by the National Geographic Channel, can never forget Assistant Commandant Anubhav Atreya. This officer who gained nationwide fame became a scapegoat for the crime that he had not committed.

This officer who had got DG’s commendation card is now facing court martial and his mistake was that he tried to save his colleague from getting lynched in the hands of Bangladeshi smugglers. In this fight, one youth from the cattle smugglers was shot dead by commando Anubhav Atreya. This was enough for the Bangladeshi media who sensationalised this issue. Due to this, assistant commandant Anubhav Atreya is on a verge of getting the punishment of court martial.

Even the central government has pointed on several security loopholes in the India-Bangladesh Border. BSF had even exposed that the cattle smugglers in India use code-words to communicate with their counterparts in Bangladesh. These smugglers not just use road transport but even the rivers are extensively used to smuggle cattle.

Boats are commonly used to smuggle the cattle. These animals are tied and stuffed inside the boat inhumanely and several animals die in the transit due to lack of oxygen. The soldiers of BSF are leading a risky life in the area that shares border with Bangladesh. The task is more difficult as the BSF cannot fence the river border area, which this gives a huge advantage to the smugglers.


Hansika Raj