Central government blocked 1700 NGOs getting foreign funds in Tamil Nadu alone!

Take a look who are the prominent persons whose foreign funds have been blocked.

  •  Ebinesar, one gave patron for jallikattu and eke out his living for ever and owner of my nation my right?
  •      Simon, presiding The Thamizhar Munnani that has candle, the identity of Christianity?
  •      Communist Solomon, who threw chapel at Ponnar at Muthukrishnan death?
  •      SR sirgunam, who described that Hindus are worshiping stone in Thandhi TV   discussion?
  •      Udayakumar, one opposed Koodangulam power station?
  •      Tha. Pandian, One cannot digest the victory of BJP in UP and described that nation is journeying in the path of destruction?
  •      Anthony Xavior, who gave interview to New Tharudhalai TV with drooping blood during jalli Kattu anarchy?
  •      Lenin, of AAptard, provoked the stooges and rent the air with slogans during IT raid in TN?
  •      Fredric Madhavan, one guided Dheepa married after conversion
  •      Anthony Xaviour, contestant in RK nagar constituency on behalf of of Samaththuva makkal Katchi?
  •      The Chief Minister in waiting of TN, the chaste Sahaayam?
  •      One Lenin, who participated in Thandhi TV as a common VCK Amirdham?
  •      Prince Gajendra Prabhu who confronts the center black and blue in TV discussions?
  •      The owner of Pudhiya Tharudhalai TV Gunaseelan?

What happened for the protestors of Jallikattu alleging decimating Indian cows, but now mouth has become asshole in relation to cow slaughter?

Vaidya Kesava Iyer