Centre’s Smart City funds diverted to slaughter house by Karnataka Congress minister UT Khader

In a shocking and disgusting incident, it has been understood that the Congress minister of Karnataka has diverted all the funds given to Smart City projects to Slaughter houses.

This information was revealed by Public TV Kannada. UT Khader who is the minister of urban development and housing in the Congress-JDS government and in charge of the Mangalore region has been found to have diverted Rs 15 crore which was meant for Smart City project to slaughter house.  According to the news, UT Khader has given this money to Kudroli slaughter house where in the stolen cattle from different places are being slaughter without following any procedures.

This same slaughter house was under scanner few months back, after it was found that they were involved in stealing cows and ox from villages and town and supplied to slaughter house. After the news went viral, massive controversy erupted with people questioning the anti Hindu agenda followed by UT Khader. While many people have been fighting against illegal slaughter houses, here is a minister who is encouraging slaughter house which was involved in illegal cattle smuggling and killing.

When UT Khader was questioned on the same, he defended his action saying that he diverted the money to help the slaughter house and give people good food to eat. His reaction has further more angered people who are now questioning his acts and irresponsible attitude and hurting the sentiments of the Hindu religion.

It is indeed a shame that to protect their vote banks, these minority ministers are secretly diverting them funds meant for development to slaughter houses and encouraging illegal trade. This is exactly why many organisations have been demanding the shut down of illegal slaughter houses in the country and demanding a law against illegal cow trade.

But the moment the issue is raised, the pseudo seculars claim attack on freedom and blame Modi government of communalism. But now let people know the truth how these slaughter houses flourish and how these people are involved in illegal cow trade.

Credit: Public TV

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