Is there any chance of AAP winning Punjab?

When AAP got only 4 seats across this Nation in General Election 2014 and those 4 seats came only in One State – Punjab. People started talking that Punjab is going to fall into lap of Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP.

Since the beginning of 2016, all media house join their hands to emphasise the possibility of AAP winning the state. But gradually AAP itself started exposing its deed in front of people. Series of Scandals and Corruption charges started surfacing into public domain from within party threatening the dream domination of AAP in Punjab.

The Succa Singh Chotepur Story

Succa Singh Chotepur, the chief of the Punjab AAP, was sacked from his post after a sting operation emerged showing a man leaving a packet of cash with him. In his defense, Chotepur claimed that the man was referred to him by two Senior party leaders. After this, the political affairs committee of the AAP formed a disciplinary committee to probe allegations against him. Things took an interesting turn after Succa Singh Chotepur’s supporters released photos and audios implying that other AAP leaders also accepted bribes. Not only that, he also alleged AAP for selling party tickets  for the upcoming Punjab polls.

Bhagwant Mann who seems to be projected as CM Candidate

Mann landed himself in a huge controversy after he shot a video inside the parliament premises, which gave away security positions inside the parliament. People of Punjab and AAP party itself knows that Bhagwant Maan has drinking addiction. He several times thrown outside Parliament as he came drunk. Question arises How a drunk addict can be projected as CM of state where Party Chief promised to remove Drugs in one month? Bhagwant Mann was also forced to leave a Bhog because he came three drunken. Arvind Kejriwal himself knows about Mann but ignore just because Right Now AAP Party have not a single person who can be projected as CM Candidate.

Arvind Kejriwal and his rants against Indian Army

Punjab with a huge population contributing into Indian Armed Forces are believed to be alienated from AAP Party as Arvind Kejriwal himself virtually become spokesperson of Pakistan and challenged Prime Minister to show proof that Indian Army attacked Pakistan.

AAP love for Khalistan – Provoking to Polarise

AAP is constantly in news to support Pro Khalistani sentiment. AAP own leader Dharmveer Gandhi talked about this at Press Conference that AAP is getting huge Pro Khalistani funds from Canada and NRI living there. In February 2016, AAP Volunteers openly distributed Jairnail Singh Bhindranwale posters provoking people of Punjab in order to cash Khalistani Votebank.

Rebels threatening to derail the campaign- Alleges Party sold Party ticket and didn’t give chance to honest people

3 Year Old Party already have lots of rebel because of the shortcut approach they are using to win Punjab Election by hook or crook. The rebel group constituting of  rebel volunteers, workers and ticket aspirants earlier decided to contest 59 seats, and later announced that they may contest for all the 117 seats in the Punjab polls. The also invited all disgruntled AAP leaders except Succa Singh Chotepur into their fold.

Tickets being provided to children of seasoned criminals:

In a Twitter expose carried out by Anshul Saxena, Manjit Singh Sidhu who got a ticket from AAP belongs to a controversial family. According to Anshul, Manjit’s father Mohinder Singh Sailbrah has 7 cases against Like attempt to murder, criminal intimidation, kidnapping and rioting pending against him.

Open letter to Kejriwal by an AAP leader:

“To go forward you must go back.” In order to go ahead lets go all the way back to the Punjab’s drug problem, from which we began the story. Kejriwal promises to make Punjab drug free in one month but in an open letter written to Kejriwal by Virinder Singh Parihar, co-ordinator NRI wing and fundraising of the AAP, he has claimed that the observers whom Kejriwal sent to Punjab were themselves addicted to drugs. He also blamed that observers are involved in ticket selling and money laundering. He further claimed that AAP has collected almost Rs 200 crores in illegal cash from the people of Punjab.

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