Is there any chance of AAP winning Punjab?

Using Drug Slogan and Fooling of people – Two days back, Captain Amarinder Singh tweeted a paper cutting which claims that AAP leaders are drugging people for political gains. This is again going to harm AAP a lot

Manifesto of AAP claims that They can solve Drug Problem in one month and at the same time they claim 15 lakh youth are Drug Addict. Anyone on Earth can calculate that this is just a fake Election gimmick. How can 15 lakh youth be rid of Drugs in 30 days. It is one of the same kind which Arvind Kejriwal promised in Delhi Election – Free Wifi

AAP started with a very good momentum, but as the election dates are approaching, it seems AAP is losing ground. After drama on the surgical strike, Arvind Kejriwal has created a ruckus around demonetisation. Coincidentally, the sudden withdrawal of AAP from CMC election after demonetisation strengthens Parihar’s claims of illegal cash collected by AAP. It would be interesting to see how AAP will fight against all these issues.

Abhishek Kumar





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