Change of wind in JNU, Rajiv Malhotra, reputed scholar appointed as Professor!

The very reputed Hindu scholar and writer Rajiv Malohotra has been appointed as professor in Delhi’s JNU. The university which is well known for its controversial issues of holding Afzal Guru event and chanting anti India slogans had always opposed the appointment of Nationalist professor and scholars to the university.

But now, the most reputed Hindu ideologue and scholar Rajiv Malhotra has been appointed as visiting professor for media studies in JNU which has brought some hope for Nationalists. The media and journalism which has lost its credibility in the recent times has become a laughing stock with their fake news and false propaganda.

The university which has long been a leftist dominant educational institute is now seeing change as the induction of people like Rajiv Malhotra, Swapan Dasgupta and Subhash Kak. The matter of Hindu or anything related to Hinduism which was seen as a alien concept in JNU will now have a person who opened the eyes of people around the globe with his insightful books like The Battle for Sanskrit”, “Breaking India”, where he highlight the problem India faces with intellectual activists, scholars who have built a perception against Hindu culture and destroyed the core meaning of Hinduism.

In one of the interview to Swarajya, Malhotra highlights India is the world largest territory, both geographically and by population, that is up for grabs by the expansionist, predatory ideological movements in the world. By that, I mean pan-Islam, right-wing expansionist Christianity, and left-wing forces which include post-modernism, Marxism and “liberalism”. These predators are expansionist and they want a global footprint. India is where the “clash of civilisations” is going to play out.”

So, we hope to see a change in JNU’s anti India culture to pro Nationalist culture with people like Malhotra being there. But not to forget he will definitely face the resistance of left ideologist who will probably try to malign him with their fake stories and put pressure on the administration to remove him from post.

However, we have to admit that with voice growing in favour of Nation, the left ideologists too will have tough time succeeding in their anti National agenda.

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