A channel which spent 15 years maligning Narendra Modi, now begs him to stop probe against them!

15 years back, there was one channel in India which spent 24/7 of its time maligning the then CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi. They built their fortunes spreading fake news and malicious propaganda against him and gained all benefits from their political masters. But now, this same channel is literally pleading and begging Narendra Modi to save them.

Yes, it has to be the NDTV!!! The chairman of the NDTV groups James Prannoy Roy yesterday has shockingly and surprisingly written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi pleading him to spare the NDTV from all probe in money laundering cases. In the letter, he has blamed Dr Subramanian Swamy for exposing NDTV’s dubious activities in money laundering and requested the PMO to put a break to the probe by ED and Income Tax.


In the letter, James Roy has equated NDTV’s reputation as India’s reputation had gone to the extent of indirectly threatening Prime Minister that India will face consequences if the probe against NDTV is continued.

Dr Swamy had accused the American organisations like GE and NBC involvement in money laundering with NDTV and dubious transactions. He had also submitted documents relating to the same to Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate based on which the departments were conducting investigations. It is said that the IT and ED were able to collect a huge amount of evidence which suggests that NDTV was involved in money laundering through foreign companies which was a serious violation under the FEMA (Foreign Exchange and Maintenance Act). The NDTV was also fined Rs 2030 crores for violating norms. The owners of NDTV James Prannoy Roy and his wife were also caught syphoning NDTV shares into their personal accounts few years back for which a case was filed. Their involvement in Benami transaction to fake companies abroad was also exposed by Dr Swamy for which case was booked under Benami property act 2016.

Now, as the probe against NDTV is getting serious and Prannoy Roy is inching closer towards arrest, he has made a desperate attempt to write to the Prime Minister seeking pardon. What is absurd is the way he puts his argument claiming that the Income Tax department and Enforcement Directorate are working under the pressure of Dr Swamy and he’s doing it as an act of vengeance.

He goes on to claim that the CEO of GE and NBC are innocents and all their investment towards NDTV is genuine and transparent. He gives certification to GE and NBC based on his interaction with them saying “they are very good people with integrity.” So…should we believe these people are good just because James Roy had an interaction with them???! He has accused the income tax and ED of falsely charging the CEOs on the orders of Dr Swamy.

James Roy has gone to the extent of threatening the Prime Minister that any action against NDTV or NBC deters the Foreign Direct Investment to India. He claims if the reputation of NDTV is damaged, India will suffer!

Before threatening the Prime Minister and calling the reputed institution like Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate as Dr Swamy’s agents, James Roy should remember that the case was based on evidence and Court accepted to hear the case because it was credible and because Dr Swamy said so. When the case is sub judiced, writing such letters to Prime Minister or any other government official will lead to basic violation of court rules and desperate attempt to pressurize the IT and ED through government.

NDTV and its people who worked on all malicious campaigns against Modi now wants him to squash the case against them. Strict action should be taken against James Roy for writing letter to PM trying to influence the probe and the case. Mr Roy is more so behaving like a cry baby and complaining about Dr Swamy to PM. If Roy has done no wrong then why not answer in the courts about the accusations made.

Aishwarya S


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