Chaos In The Ayodhya Dispute Case Hearing! Here’s Why The Supreme Court Slammed Muslim Parties And Made The Lawyer Representing The Muslim Parties Apologise

The Ayodhya dispute is at the heart of the Hindu-Muslim communal rift. For more than half a century, the dispute has fuelled mass polarisation in the state and has prompted the country’s worst spate of religious violence since the Partition.

The judgement on the case is still pending in the Supreme court and the latest hearing happened yesterday.

While senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan and Meenakshi Arora argue on behalf of Muslim parties, senior advocate K Parasaran and  C S Vaidyanatha argue on behalf of Hindus.

The Ayodhya case is being heard by a Constitution Bench of Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and Justices SA Bobde, DY Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and Abdul Nazeer.

During the beginning of the hearing yesterday, senior advocate K Parsaran and Vaidyanatha resumed his rejoinder and began his argument on the case but Rajeev Dhavan constantly interrupted the senior advocate.

As a result it was difficult to figure out who is saying what and the bench asked Vaidyanath  to switch off his microphone to bring back the sanity. Vaidyanath complied and sanity returned.

The interuptions upset the Supreme  bench  which said “We are being told the same thing again and again as if there is no application of mind on this side. This is no way to argue the case. It is impossible to complete arguments if it continues in this manner.”

This forced Dhavan to apologise to the Supreme Court.

Vaidyanantha continued his argument and said “Having taken a stand that there was no structure standing at the time of the construction of Mosque and having also taken the stand that it was not on demolition of any temple or other structure or on the ruins of any such structure Mosque was built, and having thereafter found irrefutable archaeological evidence of a structure beneath the mosque, the Muslim parties are now contending that the structure was an Idgah and not a Hindu temple,” he said.

H e also alleged that the present stand of Muslims will amount to saying that Mughals demolished an Idgah to put up a mosque on its ruins.

On the other hand, chaos broke out in the  Supreme court  over  the ASI report  which   states that that there was a massive structure resembling North Indian temples directly beneath the disputed structure. However, the muslim parties reject as a mere conjecture  of  archeologists.

But yesterday the Muslim parties took a u turn and  on questioning the authorship of the 2003 report of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and apologised to the Supreme Court for wasting it’s time in the Ayodhya land dispute case.

“It is not expected that every page is to be signed. The authorship of the report and the summary need not be questioned. If we had wasted my lords time, then we apologise for that. There is no point going into that. The report in question has an author and we are not questioning the authorship,” Dhavan, representing the Muslim parties, said.

The bench asked both Hindu and Muslim parties to specify the time frame for completing the argument saying that there will not be any extra day after October 18.

“There will not be any extra day after October 18. It will be miraculous, if we deliver the judgement in four weeks in the matter,” Chief Justice Gogoi said.

The court also asked the Muslim parties to wrap up their arguments on the ASI report during the course of the day.

It also said   that there are holidays in October and only one advocate of the four Hindu parties will be allowed to give rejoinder arguments

Sharanya Alva


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