Too Cheap!!! Congress leader Digvijay Singh calls the voters as “CHUTIYA” for electing 18 state governments and the central government

If failure is not taken positively, then it will lead to disaster. The Modi wave kick started on 2014 and has not yet stopped. The wave has demolished whatever came on its way. The Congress has lost one after another state elections as Rahul Gandhi’s intelligence could do nothing on this, except going on foreign trips.

But today senior Congress leader has crossed all his limits. Yes, one of his tweets exposed his state of mind under PM Modi’s regime. He said that Modi has done only two achievements after coming to power and those are:

  • Bhakton Ko Chutiya Banaya
  • Chutiyon Ko Bhakt Banaya

Yes, he called Indians as “CHUTIYA”. By doing this, he has not insulted PM Modi but abused crores of people who accepted Modi as our Prime Minister. This hate message came on the backdrop of the murder of Gauri Lankesh. Even though the murder occurred in a Congress ruled state and Gauri’s brother himself had stressed that she got threat calls from naxalites, Congress hasn’t stopped blaming and abusing PM Modi.

Digvijay Singh, who is presently out of his sense, had once said that RSS was spreading “terrorism” in the country and it has been making “bomb factories”.

The voters who elected governments in 20 states are called as Chutiyas!!!

By saying this, Congress has gravely insulted Indian voters. No opposition leader has ever stooped to such cheap level to counter the popularity of PM Modi. Yesterday, Congress sponsored a campaign to block PM Modi on twitter and the reason for this was not just silly but kiddish as well. Yes, being the Prime Minister of India, Modi follows several people and one of the users followed by PM Modi had used abusive words against an individual. After this happened, they held PM Modi responsible for this.

Indians are ashamed to say that Digvijay Singh was once a Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. This statement was widely condemned by social media users but they didn’t resort to use abusive words like how Digvijay Singh used.

Nishika Ram