Check how actor Prakash Raj fell to the fake news spread by Arvind Kejriwal and attacked PM Modi!

The “just asking” actor who went “just missing” after the Karnataka Election results is back. In a fresh attempt to attack PM Modi, actor Prakash Raj stated,

  • Dear supreme leader.. we know you are busy with Fitbit challenge, yoga and exercise. Can you spare a minute and take a deep breath, look around and instruct bureaucrats to work with Chief Minister Kejriwal (who is actually doing a good job ) and exercise your duty too?

This statement from actor turned Modi-hater Prakash Raj was made after the “King of fake protests” Arvind Kejriwal went on a protest against the Delhi IAS officers. Since last 4 days Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is on a “luxury protest” and claims that the IAS officers are on a protest and also said that it is a conspiracy planned by PM Modi to stop his government from working for the people of Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal stated “How do we work like this? Can Modi Ji try working like this even for a day? Can our critics kindly tell us how do we function like this?”

IAS Association busts the lie of Arvind Kejriwal, but Prakash Raj is still not ready to accept the reality!

Yes, the IAS Association exposed the lies spread by Arvind Kejriwal but holding a press conference. They said,

  • There are certain misleading and wrong statements by political executives alleging that IAS officers are on strike and haven’t been working for the last four months. It is reiterated and made clear that such reports are totally baseless. Meeting of chief secretary, principal secretary and heads of departments are also taking place regularly.
  • The IAS officers also said they hold “five-minute silent protest only during the lunch hour against the assault of the chief secretary at the Chief Minister’s residence”.
  • The even expressed insecurities over the goondaism of the Arvind Kejriwal government and said “Officers do not expect to be physically attacked while discharging their lawful functions and duties”.

Delhi revenue secretary Manisha Saxena said “We strongly refute the misinformation and false campaign about IAS officers in Delhi being on strike. We are at work at our office and attending meetings”.

She added “We are completely apolitical…. We are taught to work with neutrality and anonymity…. Never thought we would have to hold a press conference and clarify our stand”.

Let’s hear the pathetic situation of Delhi through a citizen of Delhi!

  • Dear Mr, Can you please name a few work done my Mr Arvind Kejriwal. I stay in Delhi and couldn’t figure any work done, whether good or bad. If u can get it noticed sitting somewhere else, please let us know as well.

Indians are against Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP!

  • Also in Karnataka! People are so with AAP, they lose deposits every time they fight an election!

Even the IAS officers are assaulted by the goons raised by Arvind Kejriwal!

  • IAS officers are working and not on strike. They refuse to conduct meetings at private residences of Ministers and insist on official office meetings after their man was beaten at CM home. The Luytens buddies of yours are lying as usual like in Gauri Lankesh Murder case.

But actor Prakash Raj, who has fallen to the fake news of Arvind Kejriwal, is attacking the hard working PM, Narendra Modi.

Hansika Raj