Check how many Pakistani soldiers have been killed post Uri attack by Indian Army, You will rejoice!

Since one year, Pakistan has seen the worst days, especially after their foolish attack on Uri and pathankot. The Indian army struck them so hard that they are unable to even talk about it.

Most of the Indian pseudo media have never reported the real story and the condition of the  Pakistan army as they are more depressed than Pakistan itself. But the real situation of Pakistan army has been exposed by the Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani. The Senate who asked for the details of the deaths of Pakistan soldiers along the LoC in cross border firing did not get correct reply from the Pakistani Army. It was well known that the Pak army was hiding all details and casualties to save themselves from embarrassment.

Defence Minister Khawaja Asif, Minister of State for Power Abid Sher Ali gave a brief statement in the Senata, but did not reveal any details on number of soldiers death in Pakistan. “Pakistan Army wants to withhold the information about the losses suffered by its troops due to security reasons,” the Dawn quoted Ali as saying.

“We have written to the GHQ for the details of our soldiers who have lost their lives serving along the LoC. However, the military authorities refused to share the details citing security concerns,” he added.

But the senate Rabbani reacted strongly saying that nothing can be hid from the Parliament and the truth must come out. Ali alleged that at least 66 civilians have died, while another 288 have been injured in Indian troops’ fire across Pakistani side of the Line of Control (LoC), however the numbers were purely scripted and Rabbani rejected the details and asked them to provide reliable data on the issue.

But according to many Indian sources, the number of Pakistani soldiers death since Uri attack has been over 120 and Pakistan has completely lost face to even declare the number. The country which denied that there was any surgical strikes, today have no argument to allege when and where their soldiers were killed.
Although the Indian governmnet or the Indian Army has not given clear numbers, few people in the Indian army predict over 120-130 soldiers have been killed since 10 months.

This is a huge number since apart from soldiers, over 60-70 terrorists were killed in surgical strikes alone. In 2017, there were over 12 attacks by the Indian army which destroyed majority of the Pakistani bunkers along the LoC. Each bunkers had atleast 20-30 soldiers and terrorists who were providing cover fire to terrorists during infiltration.

So we can imagine the number of casualties on the Pakistan side.

Source: Business Standard

Aishwarya S