Check how many Pakistani terrorists have been killed in US bombing on Afghanistan!

Yesterday, the US dropped a massive bomb on ISIS hideouts in Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. The aim was to neutralize ISIS fighters who’ve been building up forces in Afghanistan.

The general response of people in India to the bombing was that the US should have instead bombed terror-camps in Pakistan which is where terror is bred. But, that’s illogical & an extremely risky proposition. Carrying out drone strikes in Pakistan is one thing, dropping a massive bomb is absolutely another.

But, if one believes that the bombing didn’t hurt Pakistanis, then they’re wrong. It is being said that at least 500 Pakistanis have been killed in the bombing. The area that was targeted was controlled by the ISIS & protected by the Pakistan army& the ISI. These casualties prove that the Pakistan army was indeed backing ISIS operatives.

It is estimated that along with the death of at least 500 Pakistanis, the bomb also claimed the lives of an equal number of ISIS operatives.

Which Bomb was Used?

The US dropped the ‘GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast’ bomb on ISIS hideouts. The bomb is termed as the ‘mother of all bombs’ by the US. It is a 21,600-pound bomb & is dropped by an MC-130 aircraft.

It is regarded as the most powerful non-nuclear bomb by the US & this is the first time that it has used this bomb.

Significance of the Bombing

Donald Trump had repeatedly spoken about destroying the ISIS during his presidential campaign. Barack Obama had undoubtedly been very weak in his approach toward terror, but this bombing by President Trump signifies a massive change in US policy in dealing with terrorism.

The direct impact of this bombing will obviously be felt by the ISIS, but one can surely speculate on the tacit effects the bombing might have, & whether the US wanted to send a message to others with its action.

One obvious nation that the US wanted to ‘intimidate’ with this bombing was North Korea. Dictator Kim Jong-un is believed to soon conduct a nuclear test, & this bombing could be a signal to North Korea to halt its rapid nuclear-weapon expansion.

This action by the Trump administration will surely send ripples through the Pakistani establishment as well. The terror-sponsoring establishment will feel the heat & will wonder if its policy to spread terror will be met with the same pusillanimity today as it received during Obama’s times.

Vinayak Jain


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