Check how many temples were destroyed in Jammu -Kashmir in just one year between 1989-1990!

A success of any event depends on how well it is marketed. And this marketing skill is very well known to India’s fake media houses. This is what they have done in Babri Masjid case. Frequent TV shows and seminars were being organised saying that minorities are not safe in this nation. But did they ever say how safe are the majority community in its own land? Why don’t they say how the majority community is suffering? Why don’t they say how the temples of majority community is been targeted since ages?

Today Hindus are requesting to build a temple where Lord Ram was born. Even after so many proofs those were found during excavation, these are not ready to agree that it was a Ram Mandir. The media is involved in selective reporting.

Forget about that, did any media or seculars say that 499 Hindu temples were destroyed in the Kashmir Valley in just one year i.e., between 1989-90? Today media reports show how Muslims are hurt due to Babri Masjid demolition. But do they say that several Pundits had to lose their lives when 499 temples were destroyed? Do they say that the Pundits were driven out of their own house? Women were raped, children were tortured. But no one speaks about it.

Do they even conduct a TV show to discuss on who destroyed these 499 temples in a single year? Cries of Hindus were never heard by these media houses. Today some Medias projects few saffron leaders as anti-nationals. The truth is that Babri Masjid was built by destroying Ram Mandir and the truth will prevail. The legal battle may last for few years or decades but let us hope that justice won’t be denied.

“Live and let live”. This is a wonderful sentence. So to live in peace one should respect other religions also. This can be done by respecting the temples and not by destroying it and claiming it as their own.

Source: Readindiaright.com

Vikrant Raj