Check how much Mr Harish Salve, the man who is fighting Kulbushan Jadhav’s case has charged Indian government!

Most of the lawyers charge heavily on their clients, especially in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru etc. for fighting a case in High Court or Supreme Court. Sometimes, it becomes prohibitively expensive that people cannot think of approaching them as they will have to cough up huge amount of money. If this is the scenario, then it is quite common that lawyers who practice in international levels will charge much higher. So there is no doubt that a common man can never think of having such lawyers fighting for him/her. But here is a rare situation.

It is a well known fact that India approached International Court of Justice as soon as the Judiciary of Pakistan pronounced death sentence to Kulbhushan Jadhav. Despite giving so many evidences that Mr Jadhav is not associated with Indian government or he is not a Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent, Pakistan had shown a blind eye. When there were no options to fight the case in Pakistan, India had to go for this recourse. India needed a very intelligent and expert lawyer to fight the case as it was a very sensitive issue and had to be handled smartly. Harish Salve was the obvious choice considering his experience and expertise. Through his arguments, he could get a stay for death sentence for Mr Jadhav. Now India is urging that ICJ has to suspend Jadhav’s death sentence immediately, due to the fears that Pakistan could execute him even before the hearing at ICJ. Definitely Mr Salve is working hard to get this judgment at the earliest.

Mr Harish Salve is a well renowned lawyer and is famous for fighting high profile cases. He had represented Mukesh Ambani in the case of Krishna Godavari basin gas dispute against Anil Ambani, who was represented by another great lawyer Ram Jethmalani. He represented Mr Ratan Tata in his privacy petition in Supreme Court. He was the one who fought against Government of India (GoI) in Vodafone case criticizing retrospective taxation and won the case in Supreme Court despite an earlier setback at Bombay High Court.

He is also the most expensive lawyer of our country who charges 30 lakhs per day as his fee excluding other expenses like first class air ticket, five star hotel stay for himself and his team and so on.

However, the interesting thing is, Mr Salve has charged only Re 1 for all his efforts to save Mr Jadhav. External Affairs minister Ms Sushma Swaraj tweeted this in her official twitter handle.

That precisely shows that when there is a national concern, he stands for the country.

Salute to Mr. Salve.

Akshara Damle