Check how Mussoorie people handled the Azadi gang of Kashmir after they celebrated Pakistan’s win!

Possibly for the first time ever, the tranquil hill-station of Mussoorie was witness to anti-Indian activities. After Pakistan’s victory in the Champions Trophy Final, some Kashmiri youths shouted pro-Pakistan slogans. Pakistan has won before as well, but never did anything like this happen in Mussoorie.

But the matter isn’t restricted to the sloganeering. During the last year or so, numerous people from Kashmir have taken shops on rent in town and started businesses, which is perfectly fine as people from various parts of the country do so. But there is more to it than meets the eye.

The rents that these people are paying are massive – as high as 1 lakh rupees per month, at times even more. But this isn’t sustainable. Some corporate firms have closed shop in the past year after being unable to cover their rents. Yet, these people continue with their businesses.

Naturally, the following question arises – how can these people afford to sustain their businesses despite paying such high rents, when corporate firms weren’t able to do so?

It could be that these businesses are simply a front for deeper motives. Why run unviable businesses? Maybe, the motive is to slowly change the demographics of the town. Maybe, the motive is to create unrest, thus harming the tourism industry with time which is the backbone of the town.

Another aspect to these businesses is that the Kashmiri youths who work in some of these shops rotate frequently. In every five or six months, the existing staff is changed and new ones are brought in. This makes it very tough for the police to ensure verification of these youths.

This changing of staff belies all logic. Good staff is hard to find. Then why rotate it so frequently?

Three youths were arrested for raising pro-Pakistan slogans and sent to a juvenile home. An FIR was registered against them under section 153B of IPC, and they were presented before the Dehradun juvenile court.

All this prompted the Mussoorie Traders and Local Citizens association to hold a meeting to decide upon the fate of these Kashmiris.They took some tough decisions. Here are some of the important ones that were taken –

  • No Kashmiri will be allowed to rent a shop from 1st March 2018.
  • Existing Kashmiri tenants shall be removed from their existing premises by February 2018.
  • Verification drive would be carried out on a large scale by LIU and the police.

BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi wrote to the principal secretary about the matter of these youths raising pro-Pakistan slogans. He explained the matter and wrote that ignoring such acts leads to weakening of the moral of nationalist elements. He even went on to write that such people shouldn’t be allowed to live in India, let alone in Mussoorie.

The citizens of Mussoorie have set a great precedent on how to deal with anti-national elements.

Disclaimer: The cover picture is for representation purpose only, the article doesn’t target the people in the picture!

Vinayak Jain