Check how Narendra Modi haters have turned out to be India haters!

We have seen certain things happen since May 2014 that’ve never happened before. The nation has been riding fast on a wave of development in these few years. Obviously, this is not to say that all the problems have been solved, but these problems were there before Narendra Modi came to power as well.

The problems are the same, the reactions to these problems is what’s changed. What initially began as hatred towards Narendra Modi has quickly turned to hatred for the country.

There are many instances that highlight this fact. Every effort has been made by Narendra Modi’s political opponents and the Lutyens circuit to discredit him for events that in no sense of logic could be pinned on him.

Intolerance Episode

India is not alien to incidents of communal hatred. Some have led to terrible riots since independence. Some have not. One such incident took place in Dadri, when a Muslim man was allegedly killed for having beef in his refrigerator.

The reaction to this incident was that Lutyens Delhi and political parties termed the whole country intolerant. They began appearing on international news channels and abusing the fabric of India just because attacking the nation meant attacking Prime Minister Modi.

Turning this into an issue of rising Hindutva meant somehow Narendra Modi could be blamed for being responsible for this change.

This brought about the most illogical of campaigns in the form of ‘award wapsi’ where some people from the media, literature and film industry began returning their awards as a sign of their protest.

But India wasn’t termed intolerant and neither did these ‘intellectuals’ return their awards when Sikhs were massacred by the Congress party, when Kashmiri Pandits were raped and murdered and thrown out of their homes or, when a Muslim mob burned Hindus alive in Godhra.

This goes to show that all these were tricks to label Narendra Modi as a hardliner who was dangerous for the country because these people were losing their privileges that they once enjoyed under the Gandhis. Their hatred for Narendra Modi turned to demeaning the whole country.


The ‘One Rank One Pension’ issue was pending from almost four decades. Congress repeatedly promised the soldiers for its implementation but never did anything concrete.

Even though the Congress played politics over the issue, never did we see public protests against the government on the issue. But even after the Modi government implemented it in just three years and acknowledged that some improvements were needed, some politically motivated people kept protesting.

This was another example of how certain forces politicised such a sensitive issue and tried to turn the armed forces against Prime Minister Modi. Their hatred towards him didn’t stop them from attempting to create a divide between the military and civilian establishment, which would have eventually led to damage to the country.

Surgical Strikes

Perhaps the most blatant show of anti-nationalism was on display after the army conducted surgical strikes on terror launchpads in PoK.

Top politicians and journalists openly questioned the authenticity of the strikes because they were afraid that Prime Minister Modi would take the credit for the strikes.

Hatred towards him didn’t stop these people from doubting their own army even when it was the DGMO who’d told the nation about the strikes not the government.

Love for Pakistan

Ceasefire violations and terror acts backed by Pakistan aren’t anything new. This is a problem that India is facing from long before Narendra Modi came to power.

But now whenever this happens, instead of backing the government and standing with the soldiers, a section of the media and parties like the Congress, AAP, CPM, begin questioning the government, thus, in a way exonerating Pakistan from blame.

Such is the love that the Congress has developed for Pakistan, that one of its senior leaders went to Pakistan and asked the Pakistani establishment to ‘help them remove Narendra Modi from power’. This is another glaring example of how some forces in this country can side with even our worst enemies if it means targeting Narendra Modi.

Belittling Government Schemes

The crown goes to Rahul Gandhi when it comes to making fun of certain schemes of this government. In his speeches, he has constantly targeted some of the transformational schemes introduced by Prime Minister Modi.

He’s mocked the ‘Make in India’ program, the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, he’s even tried to show the ‘Accessible India’ campaign in poor light. How can any sane man degrade a campaign that’s meant to provide better facilities to the disabled?

The only reason why he and some other politicians do this is because they honestly don’t care about the welfare of people. All they care about is their political future and they speak or do anything if it means furthering their agenda at the cost of the nation.

Slandering Martyrdom

Akhilesh Yadav recently gave a pathetic statement asking why no martyrs are from Gujarat.

He said this not because he hates the army; he like most of the other politicians doesn’t give a damn about the men on the border. His hatred for Narendra Modi is what trumps all other emotions.

People like him loathe Narendra Modi so much that they’ll divide the country and the army on the basis of geography. They’ll abuse the people of a state just because it was once ruled by Narendra Modi. Their hatred is vicious.

A slew of videos of soldiers expressing their discontentment have gone viral in recent times. The question is why now? Were facilities top-notch until Narendra Modi came to power? No. In fact, they’ve only improved since his coming to power.

This is clearly a conspiracy of politicians to create fissures in the army and somehow present a picture to the people that the Modi government is not looking after the soldiers. This is evident from the closeness that sacked BSF soldier Tej Bahadur has with the Congress party.

The hatred for Narendra Modi is not stopping these people from demeaning the nation and the army.

It is but understandable that Prime Minister Modi’s supporters aren’t happy with everything that he is or is not doing. Some of his moves are downright brilliant, some attract criticism. All that is not unusual in a varied democracy like ours.

But we need to stay together and back Prime Minister Modi no matter what because as it is he has enough enemies. We can’t be responsible for creating some within ourselves. He is India’s only hope.

My message to all Narendra Modi supporters – Criticize but don’t denounce. Debate but don’t abuse. Question but don’t leave him when he needs you the most.

This article shows how anti-Modi forces are working overtime to throw him out of power. But it’s only he who can keep the nation together because he has no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive to work against the nation. If not for him, at least continue to support him for the country.

Vinayak Jain

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