Check what happened in West Bengal during Ram Navami celebration, how many channels told you about this?

If 10 people gather chanting slogans against PM Modi, the entire media will land on the spot to cover the issue. If a small glass is broken by some miscreants of a church, the media will call it attack on Christianity, if any person of minority community dies due to some personal enmity, then the entire country will be termed intolerant. But no one ever cares if the same minority community attacks Hindus, they do not care if bombs are thrown for celebrating Hindu festival, they do not care if police are attacked and an entire village is ransacked in the name of minority politics.

The Ram Navami celebrations in West Bengal which was supposed to be filled with colours of joy, turned into a pool of blood after the goons of so called peaceful community attacked the procession. But no media reported this incident as the victims were Hindus and it did not suit their agenda of minority appeasement.

The media was very fast in highlighting that some BJP lady was carrying a dummy Trishul during Ram Navami celebrations but they forgot to highlight what the so called peaceful community members did to these innocent people.

This is called democracy in India. Yes, here the majority community will have to bear the pain, agony and punishment because they are not considered as vote banks for the so called secular political parties.

Day before yesterday, while the entire country was celebrating Ram Navami, West Bengal witnessed such violence that the entire village of Ranigunj was brought to standstill. The violence erupted during Ram Navami celebrations when a Muslim mob of over 100-200 people attacked the procession with stones and rods. These goons came in vans and jeeps who were well prepared for the attacks carrying iron rods, sticks and stones. They started attacking the procession when it approached the Muslim dominated area throwing stones at Lord Ram statue which caused chaos in the area. Some people came in vans and jeeps and started hitting people with iron rods and sticks chanting Pakistan Zindabad, Inshall AllahThe worst happened when the goons hurled bombs at the procession which injured hundreds of people within seconds. The mobs then started burning shops of Hindus, dragged out Hindu people from their houses and started attacking them with sticks. Many women were molested, abused and groped during the clashes.

The police initially tried to control the crowds, but when the bombs were hurled, the police vacated the area and turned into mute spectators. Many police officers were seriously injured in the bomb blast and an officer also lost his hand.


The extent of attack was so intense that many Hindus families fled the area unable to bear the atrocities. Violence and riots have become the most common thing in West Bengal after Mamata Banerjee took over that every day the state witnesses one or the other violence. The Muslim goon elements have been given free hand by the state government which has lead to increase in violence like never before.

The police have almost become dormant in the state with no powers, they have been instructed not to take any actions against the minority community due to Mamata Banerjee’s appeasement politics. Terror elements, terror supporters are being promoted by Mamata Banerjee who are now turning not just a threat to Hindus and peace, but a threat to the entire country. These people are involved in illegal weapon selling, making country bombs, fake notes distribution from Bangladesh, despite all information is available with police, they are just being puppets in the hands of Mamata Banerjee.

This is not the first time West Bengal is witnessing such violence, but lately during every Hindu festival, every celebrations there is violence and riots caused by Muslims. Hindus houses are being burnt on daily basis, as a result, many Hindu families have migrated out of Bengal. The entire demography of certain places have been changed into Muslim dominated areas.

Sometime back, a report had emerged which said the Maulanas in West Bengal are slowly dominating the entire state and are even controlling the state government and turning it into a Taliban style functioning! It is already evident that Mamata Banerjee has put restriction on all Hindu festivals including Durga pooja and Saraswati pooja. Hindus can no longer hold processions, they cannot celebrate festivals, they cannot worship the Lord when they want.

But how many media ever covered this news? Do they dare to show the real picture of Bengal, do they dare to show the condition of Hindus in Bengal…NO! The shameless media spent 15 years talking about one 2002 riots blaming Modi and Hindus, did they spare 15 minutes to show the endless riots and violence and the real condition of  Bengal??

If people do not get correct news and they still vote for such people blame the media which gave them cover, blame the media which is indirectly protecting such criminals.

Take a look at the city of Ranigunj after violence…..Is this not worth covering???


We Hindus should call ourselves cowards and spineless chickens as we have given a free ride to all those politicians who have destroyed the Nation in the name of appeasement politics. Since centuries, we have given space to those criminals who came from foreign countries in the name of business, looted us, killed us and ruled us for nearly 800 years and still, we do not care. We should call our selves useless because we cannot raise our voice against such atrocities, we will never understand the pain of those who are suffering in the hands of such goons.

A land which gave birth to some of the greatest patriots and freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to keep our nation safe today as turned into a land of goons, criminals and terrorists. If this is not because of our ignorance then what is?!

Well, this will not be the end of riots in West Bengal. As long as the goon elements are given free run, no person will be safe and such incidents will continue to happen and the only sufferers will be common people who will lose their livelihood and peace.

Aishwarya S