Check which International Economist said “Positive policies of Modi govt have provided stable environment to entrepreneurs”

One after another, International personalities are praising the reforms under by the Modi government. Now one of the top economists in the world has said that the policies framed by the Modi government were behind positive results for the financial markets and increase in investment and high GDP growth.

This statement was made by Guy Sorman, who is one of the renowned economists who has written several books including ‘Economics Does Not Lie: A Defence of the Free Market in a time of Crisis’. He said “One should never expect an economic miracle from any government. This being said, Modi’s policy has been rather consistent and positive. He has provided for entrepreneurs a rather stable environment, with lower inflation and a bit less corruption”.

Praising India’s Prime Minister, he said, “Modi Economics has been positive, much better than any former government I remember”.

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Guy Sorman

Since last 2 years, there is a lot of mudslinging by opposition parties that there is no job creation in India after the rise of PM Modi. Slamming all the fake narrative revolving around job creation, Guy Sorman said that the exact number of jobs created cannot be calculated as India largely constitutes of rural area. This indicates that the job creation is higher than what the states claim because the informal jobs are difficult to count.

Sorman added “And the most meaningful figure should be the per capita income, not the national GDP. Also, it would be wise to push for competition between the public and the private sector in order to gather more reliable statistics. A statistics public monopoly is never fully credible”.

In the 2019-20 budget, the Modi government had introduced a direct transfer scheme that will give Rs 6000 per year to the farmers of India. This initiative of PM Modi was praised by Guy Sorman saying cash transfers are being perceived as the best way to pull people out of extreme poverty.

Hansika Raj