This Chief Minister turned this beautiful city into hell!

When a person rises from a humble background, the trust on him or her will be much more than the person from affluent family. It was the same trust that had made her the leader. It was the same belief that she will be there for poor and depressed that made her popular in the state and also she rose to the level of a central minister too. It was the same confidence in her which made her the Chief Minister of the state. But now, I am sure, people might be repenting for believing in her! People might have had lot of expectation in her. They might have anticipated a better alternative for the worst governance system created by the left. She had raised her voice in favor of poor.  She had fought big business houses for the cause of poor. But now the situation has ruined to that level that poor are forgotten and she is only concerned about her political future along with her relatives.

What not happened in her state during her regime!? Whenever a woman becomes a political leader, it is generally expected from her to work for the cause of women and female children. But isn’t it shocking if the child and women trafficking increases under her rule? Isn’t it a cruel joke if she doesn’t take strict measure against such anti-social elements? But it is a truth that she showed blind eyes and deaf ears for all such incidents.

The state witnessed one of the biggest scams through ponzy schemes. Sardha scam would not have happened if the state government was vigilant. The state would have been vigilant if it was concerned about poor people and their small savings. But, the concern for poor remains only to speeches and political gains.

Can we imagine state government protecting the terrorists and call army as threat to national security and attack on democracy? Yes, she did it publicly. She went before press alleging army was crossing its limits. But despite when sufficient evidences were there to show that the ruling party had connections with terrorist groups, money laundering activities, she didn’t take any moral responsibility or resign from the post. She continued to defend herself and claimed innocent.

The law and order condition in the state had reached to worst level and the Bengal was burning with so much of violence, especially in Dhulagarh. But it was never considered a serious matter by her. What a hypocrisy!?

No one can forget the mad dance she performed after the shock of demonetization! Even though the majority of poor people of this country stood with the Prime Minister for his decision, despite facing hardship at the doors of the banks to get cash in the initial days, the leader of the poor was against it. Because, so many fake note printing press had got closed down in Bengal and most of them were running under gracefulness of the Chief Minister.

Bombs keep blasting in her party offices, party representatives’ houses. But she has kept mum about them though she is answerable to the people.

Recently she has reached to that extent that she publicly said that she is ashamed of being born in India! That means she has crossed all limits.

Enough is enough! Once upon a time, the country called her ‘didi’. But she has lost all credibility to be called so. She has lost her credibility to be the voice of the poor. She has lost her credibility to criticize the wrong things, nepotism or any other malpractices. She has lost all respect that she deserved for the entire struggle that she had in her life before raising to the power. She has lost all her rights to remain as Chief Minister!

Sorry, I don’t even want to write your name and pollute my article.

Akshara Damle