Chikungunya Deaths in Delhi, CM Kejriwal and Health Minister Missing!

Three Chikungunya deaths have been reported since yesterday from Delhi. Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria have gripped the residents of Delhi since 15-20 days. A 65-year-old man from Ghaziabad was reported to have died of chikungunya at Ganga Ram Hospital yesterday, two more deaths were reported today from same hospital rising the death toll to three.

According to municipality reports, 1,057 cases of this chikungunya, 1,158 dengue cases have been reported in Delhi with nearly 390 of them being recorded in the first ten days of September. There has been 50% increase in the dengue cases since last week. Two people had died of malaria this last week and 21 people have been affected by Malaria.

The hospitals have been running short of beds and doctors. People have started complaining that Delhi government hasn”™t been recruiting more doctors. Additional beds have also not been supplied.

Meanwhile the Delhi CM has not taken stock of the situation, as he”™s been touring Goa and Punjab lately. Last week he had travelled to Vatican for Mother Teresa”™s saint hood celebrations. The Delhi Health minister is also not available when the state is facing major crisis of diseases.

Instead of taking swift action, the Health Minister has blamed the MCD and Modi for the deaths. If PM was to take care of Delhi local issue, then why is there a CM and a Delhi government required???

Kejriwal and his ministers are doing nothing except blaming Modi and centre for all issues. His followers are shamelessly tweeting BJP responsible for deaths.

What is the job of Mr Kejriwal?? He is happily enjoying his stay in Punjab while health problems in Delhi have elevated.

Aishwarya S