China cornered once again!!! Japan lent support to India against China over Doklam standoff

China has done a big mistake by messing with India in Doklam issue. Now China is getting corned from everywhere as all the major nations are lending its support in favour of India. Recently USA defence expert said that if needed than United States will surely take India’s side. And now it is Japan’s term to support India.

As of now, PM Modi has clearly won the diplomatic war against China. The frustrated China used its motor-mouth on various occasions but was not successful to push back Indian soldiers from Doklam. It even made a racist video through its state run news channel to insult India.

Japan’s all out support for India has come about a month after leading Chinese daily the Global Times warned New Delhi against banking on Tokyo in the event of a conflict over Doklam issue.

“We recognise Doklam is a disputed area between Bhutan and China and two countries are engaged in border talks. We also understand that India has a treaty understanding with Bhutan, that’s why Indian troops got involved in the area”, this was the statement given by Japanese.

India had supported Japan when China wanted to change the status quo in the East China Sea near Senkaku Islands. Now Japan is openly backing India against China’s aggressiveness.

Japan has another reason for supporting India against China. Beijing lays claim over its islands. In May this year, Japan scrambled its warplanes after four Chinese ships and a drone aircraft entered the Senkaku Islands.

China seemed to be angry over the comment of Japan envoy. “I have seen the Japanese Ambassador in India really wants to support India. I want to remind him not to randomly make comments before clarifying relevant facts”, this was the statement given by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying. He also said that “And the attempt to change the status quo by trespass in the boundary is by India, not China”.

Clearly, China is embarrassed and helpless as it is unable to push back or scare the Indian soldiers in the Doklam area.

Nishika Ram