China Fears US Backing to India, Hints at NSG Membership

China blocking the NSG membership to India was no surprise despite there were many ambiguous voice heard in the Chinese government. Although there was no precedent for a country to be a member of NPT (non-Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty) to get NSG membership, China used it as a reason to stop India”™s growth in the global world. The NSG membership would have facilitated India to broaden uranium supply, access to latest nuclear technology, facilitated the export of nuclear supply components. And mainly would have put India in a strong position to insist on the UNSC seat as an NSG member which has been a long pending demand (Thanks to Nehru!).

China also played Pakistan card for not granting NSG membership insisting both countries to sign NPT. Despite no country supported Pakistan for NSG membership, given Pakistan”™s record of nuclear proliferation and also their endorsement of terrorism. China had also opposed India getting Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) membership while China itself was shunted off the membership for their nuclear proliferation to Pakistan, Iran, North Korea and exporting silkworm missiles to Saudi Arabia.

However China failed to realize India was gaining global support and especially US when it pledged to support India for MTCR membership “US permits India to continue to advance its non-proliferation leadership in the world and contribute to that regime, to limit missile proliferation in the world”.  China somehow today realizes it invited trouble going against India.

What worries China is that India may back US to raise the South China Sea dispute in the upcoming G-20 Summit and the ruling of International court which had gone against China recently. China indirectly sent a message to India that NSG bid was still open and doesn”™t want India to back US in the South China Sea dispute. But this is mostly unlikely to happen has India now firmly believes that giving China upper hand will only make it more stubborn and a threat to Indian territory, especially when China has gone to an extent of supporting Pakistan in missile technology and supplying ammunitions to rage war against India.

America realized the grave mistake of supporting Pakistan when they found out it was same country which protected Osama bin laden for almost a decade.

It”™s sad to see China doing the same mistake what America did two decades ago supporting and supplying ammunitions to a terror nation. Its better if China realises soon before Pakistani terrorists awakens them with a 9/11 type attack!!!

Aishwarya S