China finally confess that Modi govt is destroying its economy! Chinese Media says “India is threatening the made-in-China industry”

The progressive steps taken by the Indian government has left the Chinese media to do nothing but praise their neighboring enemy. While India’s “Make in India” concept is mocked by a pseudo youth who wants to be the Prime Minister of India, the Chinese observe the scheme as a threat to them which might ruin the economy of the most populated nation on the globe, in the coming days.

Just 4 months after taking charge of India, Prime Minister Modi had launched the historic scheme “Make in India”, which will bear fruits to India throughout the future decades, aimed at covering the 25 sectors of the economy.

The lion of Make in India (logo) has not just started roaring, but has sent the counterparts into the bushes. “The signs of a shift are everywhere. China, the world’s mobile phone manufacturing hub, is swiftly losing ground to India” stated the Chinese media.

The communist nation ruled by the dictator who was sent home in the Doklam stand off last year, is now facing a huge threat from India in the mobile manufacturing industry. At first the global players like Apple, Samsung started to move off China. The first gigantic jolt to the Chinese was given after the Samsung opened the world’s largest mobile phone factory in Noida.

The migration trend was later followed by the Chinese players who could stand head to head with the existing giants. Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi are already cashing heavily in India and are poised to become the global players.

“A mobile phone manufacturing shift away from China could cause serious problems. China’s manufacturing industry is an important part of the country’s economic power. And like India, China is a populous country. Without the stability provided by the manufacturing industry, China’s economy could experience a massive capital outflow” added the report by the Chinese media.

The above statement means many things to the world. In 2014 India was nowhere a threat to China but in just 4 years after PM Modi became the “Pradhan Sevak”, India not just put up a strong fight to the Chinese but even started to grab the business of the Chinese.

Companies’ shift from China to India indicates that this has automatically increased jobs in India but decreased in China. Rahul Gandhi says that China produces 50,000 jobs in every 24 hours whereas India creates only 450. But after reading the worries of Chinese media, anyone with even an iota of sense would say that India is creating more jobs than ever.

The Chinese media has also expressed fear that the pathetic situation of China might continue for years to come as India is growing strong year after year. It has even said that as the United States is also attracting its companies, China is totally trapped.

At the end of 2017, the Chinese news agency Xinhua had stated “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government completed three years of being in power in 2017. Yet, as the year draws to an end, a look back at its political battles suggests that this has been the year of ‘Brand Modi’ in politics”. It had also said that PM Modi is the star face of the party who gives masterstroke and wins one election after election.

Source: Techinasia

Hansika Raj