China fumes; Indian Army says, None of your concerns!

The recent decision by Government of India to deploy Brahmos, a supersonic cruise missile, on the India ““ China border in the eastern sector which majorly includes Arunachal Pradesh is a daring move. China has been engaging itself in border skirmishes in both western and eastern sector of the border, even during the visit of Chinese premier Xi Jinping to India in September 2014. Earlier India, during UPA regime, had deployed Mountain Strike Corps to counter Chinese aggression at the border. However they proved ineffective.

The move by the present NDA government has caused tension in the power centres of China which was reflected in PLA Daily, the official publication of People”™s Liberation Army, which said “”India deploying supersonic missiles on the border has exceeded its own needs for self-defense and poses a serious threat to China”™s Tibet and Yunnan provinces. Deploying BrahMos missile is bound to increase competitiveness and confrontation in Sino-Indian relations and bring a negative influence to stability of the region”.

Indian Army has already tested Brahmos missile near McMohan line and it is capable of hitting the enemy targets in the tough mountain region.
It is really a daring step by Indian government which has given a clear sign that India does not have any more tolerance for Chinese aggression in the border. In fact such step will definitely give more power to India side in resolving border issues between the two countries.

Akshara Damle
Twitter – @aksharadamle