Is China the real reason why Congress is upset about bullet trains in India?

Ever since PM Modi announced the launch of work on bullet train in Ahmadabad, the Congress is relentlessly opposing the project and wants to somehow create an impression India is not ready for bullet trains.

They have tried to link the train accidents in India to bullet trains and argued that India lacks infrastructure and bullet trains should not be started. But in reality this is not the reason why Congress is opposing bullet trains.

On September 14, India and Japan made a historic deal on bullet trains which set new relationship with Japan and changed the equations of the Asia-Pacific. This was a major development after the Doklam standoff between India and China which showed PM Modi was veering towards Japan.

Japan and China since before were on the front foot to bag rail, shipment and road transport projects in India. But Japan was successful in overtaking China in bullet train project which has come as a major blow to China. This has perturbed China and there is a possibility that China may also lose other projects in India too.

The same competition was seen between China and Japan in Asian countries like Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. It is well know how China beat Japan to bag rail project in Indonesia. The two countries have locked horns to snatch the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur high-speed rail. Similarly, China and Japan are competing for the Thailand-Malaysia high-speed railway link.
Japanese trains are considered to be the safest of all trains and has best technology. Their criteria is to provide best quality with lower repair expenses. In 50 years, the Japanese bullet trains haven’t suffered single accident which has proven their advanced technology.

India now sees Japan as the best partner for rail projects which has definitely upset China. China is desperately eyeing for next phase construction of bullet trains from Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Ahmadabad and therefore has suddenly changed its stance from enmity to friendship. After Doklam standoff, China has realised that India would never back down under pressure or cannot be threatened. Doklam has cost China a few mega train projects in India and they do not want to continue enmity with India as it will further escalate economical damage to China along with military loss.

Therefore, China now wants to start a new chapter of friendship with India. The Congress party which has more contacts with Chinese industries and businessman has also been indirectly hit by the deal between India and Japan. According to few reports, the Chinese planned to use Congress top leaders to stop the deal between India and Japan and favour China in rail projects. Probably it was more like a deal with some unknown Congress members and China. It is also said this was one of the reasons why Rahul Gandhi met Chinese envoy few months back when tension between India and China was at peak on Doklam issue.

One may observe how Rahul Gandhi in all his speeches has brought China issue and blamed Narendra Modi for not co-operating with China and escalating the Doklam standoff. He had many times hinted that India should compete with China and appreciated China’s employment model.

Check how many times he spoke about China!

Anyday India will rely on Japan more than China given their history of betrayal and backstabbing attitude. So the Congress looks very upset and exactly what has made them oppose the government’s move. For sure, few political parties have become dealers and dalals trying to mint money using government deals just like in Agusta Westland, Bofors and 2G scams.

Aishwarya S