Chinese Army face its worst nightmare!!! Excessive masturbation is hurting China’s Military

The Chinese Army is in the state of distress. Now you may imagine that they are embarrassed after they called off their Army from Doklam area but that is not the issue. The actually issue is that in China the youths are unable to clear the physical tests of the Army.

The Chinese military has said that excessive masturbation and playing too much of video games are the reasons responsible for deterioration in the health conditions of the youth. The People’s Liberation Army was shocked to see that 56.9 percent of the candidates failed from qualifying the physical test in a single city.

Out of these, around 8 percent failed due to the abnormalities in their scrotum and another 25 percent failed because of blood and urine tests. 20% failed because they were overweight and 13% failed because their blood pressure was too high.

7% failed because of ear, nose or throat problems, partly the result of long-term consumption of bad water.

So the Chinese Army released 10 basic instructions to be followed by the youths like exercising more and more, cutting out harmful cool drinks and excessive boozing. It even instructed not to masturbate and limit computer games.

Don’t Masturbate??? Chinese social media users mocked this!!!

But the social media users in China started to mock the Army’s instruction. A user in the popular microblog Sina Weibo said that “Next year they’ll be asking for circumcisions!”

No proper pay and food for soldiers!!!

In the Chinese media, it was also reported that the Chinese soldiers are paid very low salary and even the food served is below standards.

After hearing this, Indians may start mocking the Chinese, who warned not to forget the defeat of 1962 war.

A Chinese spokesman said “The quality of our recruits is guaranteed, and the headwaters of our military will flow long and strong”. He further added that “Recruitment is the foundation of national defence, and high-quality recruits are crucial to the military’s combat capability”.

Last year the Chinese Ministry of Defence had even announced that it will downsize the PLA from an estimated two million to one million.

But the Chinese desperately wanted to increase their strength of the Army. Recently it had even launched a rap music video with an intention of attacking youths to join the  People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Nishika Ram