Chinese Media rattled by India’s Growth; Says China should concentrate on its own development model

China’s primary weapon to subdue nations – especially those way smaller in size – is money. It understands the power of money and employs it terrifically to its geopolitical advantage. One could even go to the extent of saying that it respects the power of money.

This characteristic of the Chinese was evident when China’s state-run ‘Global Times’ praised India’s economic revival despite the ongoing tension on the border.

Global Times said that India is drawing more and more investment which will help in its growth, but China should stop focusing on this and instead concentrate on its own development model. It said that the FDI that India is attracting is a testimony of its progress.

It also says that China should keep looking at India’s growth while at the same time gear up for a competition with its neighbour. It went on to say that China should ponder upon a new development strategy, and that India is becoming successful in solving its problems through greater investment from foreign nations.

It explicitly praises the Narendra Modi government by saying that through programs like ‘Make in India’, India is now eliminating problems of poor infrastructure and a lack of skill development. The article even listed some of the top Chinese companies that are investing in India.

One needs to understand that China respects and fears money more than anything else. This recent surge in India’s economic status is a major reason why China is unusually aggressive and even perturbed in its dealings with matters related to India.

China is a nation that very intelligently focused on economic growth for over two decades as it understood that today’s world is dominated with money, not military. It has elevated itself to such an economic status that it enjoys unparalleled power. Unlike its ally Pakistan which has focused solely on expanding its military and nuclear strength leaving its economy in tatters, China expanded its economy and with time build its military.

India is on a similar path, and China recognises and respects this. India can definitely defend itself militarily against China, but the chances of India surging into Chinese territory as an aggressor is very low. But economically, India can hurt China deeply, and China might be starting to understand this.

Vinayak Jain