What do the Chinese think of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi?

  • Till now no country or leader has crossed China. Modi is the first one to firmly held on to his area. He was neither perturbed nor affected by the daily dosage of threats. The people of China are wondering how Modi a leader from a developing nation is able to withstand such a tension. They feel he must be a demi god to do so.
  • While China is issuing threat after threat, Modi is keeping stoic silence as if nothing has happened. They are wondering how Modi is neither provoked by these threats nor prompted to react. Modi is a diligent student of yoga; and marvelling at Yoga has transformed him into a great personality. Chinese would have probably started to feel Yoga may be superior than their Kung-fu.
  • Modi was the most hated one internationally including USA, only three years ago. Within these three years he has become the most sought after leader in the world. People are thunderstruck by this amazing change. They feel that he must be super human to do so.
  • They know Modi to be very honest without any corruption charges whereas their own leaders are corrupt. They cannot believe that a person holding such a high position to be non-corrupt. This they consider to be a great feat.
  • China’s richest man praises India’s move:                                                          The world has come to know that India is against China’s first Belt and Road Forum (BRF), China’s richest man, the billionaire head of the Wanda Group, Wang Jianlin, praised India’s economic potential at the summit and highlighted his group’s ambitious plans for India.
  • Chinese media praise India: As we know, the Chinese media is after India over Doklam and the official media of China has infact kept making and writing threatening statements to India. But, all of a sudden the Chinese media has changed its stance and kept praising PM Modi’s leadership and also Modi’s open economic policy. Further, the Chinese media also opined about cordial economic relationship between India and China. This shows that they cannot ignore Modi’s India.



Rajagopalan K Suryanarayan