Christian groups in Kerala launch helpline against love jihad!

Want to Know if ‘Love Jihad’ is Real? Ask These Christian Groups Who Have Launched a Helpline Against It

 ‘Love jihad’ was always made a huge issue by the media. It was mocked by majority of the media as being propaganda of far-right Hindu organisations to malign and harass Muslims. But now someone else has opened a front against the same menace but the media is unusually quiet this time.

Christian groups in Kerala are very troubled with affairs between Christian girls and Muslim boys, and have decided to launch a helpline to curb these incidents of ‘love jihad’.

A recent incident is what triggered this decision of these Christian groups. Recently, the Kerala High Court annulled the marriage of a Hindu girl who converted and married a Muslim. But the High Court declared the marriage null and void, questioning the girl’s mental state and the boy’s links to ISIS.

A section of Christian priests is even associating with the BJP Minority Morcha to gain help with the helpline.

“Those who are into converting girls in the name of ‘love’ dared to protest against the High Court order and even called a hartal. This prompted us to do something to save girls from falling prey to so-called ‘love jihad’,” said Renjit Abraham Thomas, the general convenor of the Christian helpline.

Metropolitan of Malankara Orthodox Independent Syrian Church, St. Jude Dayara, Amayannoor, Kottayam, Mathews Mar Gregarious is the chief patron. A release from the Metropolitan urged Christian girls to stay away from ‘fundamentalist’ Muslims.

“We are in talks with the priests of other Mar Thomas Church, and they are ready to offer support. Priests from Malappuram district were more interested,” Thomas said. “Those studying and working in four hospitals in the area are more susceptible to traps in the name of ‘love jihad’. The extremists target girls staying as paying guests. Recent incidents point to the involvement of Muslim girls in religious conversions, but the issue is not addressed by the media,” he added.

Thomas said that they’ve been receiving threats on social media following these actions and they need help from the Hindu community to tackle this issue. The Christian group will launch helplines in all 14 districts in the state, and will have two helpline numbers exclusively for women.

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‘Love jihad’ is not a myth; it’s a reality. It is extensively prevalent in Uttar Pradesh which is what the BJP and other Hindu organisations highlighted for years but it was labelled as ‘anti-Muslim’ propaganda. Hope now the media will take cognizance of what these Christian groups are doing in Kerala.

Vinayak Jain