Why are Christian Missionaries being allowed in India for mass conversions?

Mass conversions has been a major problem in India since decades. The foreign Christian missionaries are well known to convert people of backward sections and dalits wooing them with false job opportunities and livelihood. Such events have been done many times before in India and innocent have become victims to their false promises.

Here is another Pastor and a missionary which has arrived in Bangalore to mass convert thousands of people. The event is being held for 4 days from 24th August to 27th August 2017. The pastor named Mark Burns is the man who is heading the event under the banner Prophet Healing Meetings. The International missionary named SMPC International Worship Centre has been conducting many such events in various cities converting thousands of people to Christianity.

But according to Indian Visa rules, no foreign National will be allowed to hold any meeting, propaganda campaign or conversion events whether on their own or at the invitation of any organisations. What is surprising is, this person Mark Burns has been given permission to hold mass conversion event in Bangalore by the Congress government and also been provided police security.


The Pastor has clearly violated the visa norms which is a punishable offense. But the Karnataka government in the verge of appeasing vote banks, is encouraging such events. This event needs to be opposed widely, if not these fake pastors would misuse the freedom to fool people.

Aishwarya S