Christian Prayers Popping Up On TTD Website!! What Is Being Hacked? The Website Or The Faith And Sentiments Of The Hindu Devotees??!!

Tirumala tirupati temple is one of the most divine places for Hindu pilgrims in this universe . Devotees look at to Venkateshwara Swamy as ” Kaliyugavarada ” and Devotees see Tirumala hills with lot of devotion, respect more than there lives.

And the same sentiments of Hindus are being hurt regularly. The time has come for every Hindu to take his stand. Our Dharma needs to be protected now more than ever.

Just yesterday, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has once again faced criticism after Christian prayers popped on a link of TTD’s official website ‘www.tirumala.org’.

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How can such ‘negligence’ even take place? If it was the first time such incident had happened, it could have been termed as an error. But no, with regard to TTD there had been many such errors which can no more be neglected or keep silent about.

Sometime back on The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) website  three pages referring to Jesus Christ and Christianity were found in a book uploaded under the ‘e-books’ category onto its official website. The TTD manages affairs of the Lord Venkateswara temple, atop Tirumala in Andhra Pradesh and how did Jesus Christ landed there?

According to reports, the book called ‘Bhakti GeethamruthaLahari’, written by Monda Chinna Seetaramayya, a retired Telugu lecturer from Rajahmundry, was published under a grant given by the TTD for religious books.

Though pages 182, 183 and 184 were supposed to be on Sai Baba, according to the book’s index, the chapter actually spoke about Jesus Christ. A S Santosh, President of Legal Rights Protection Forum filed a complaint to the TTD and other government officials. The book published years ago was uploaded on the website in 2015, but this seems to have been discovered only now.

A surprising shock had struck to the devotees who travelled to Tirumala from Tirupati some months ago. All the bus tickets issued in Ram Bagicha depot were containing the advertisement of holy Trip to Jerusalem .

Even in the past, during Jagan Mohan Reddy father Y.S Rajshekar Reddy tried to build churches and surprisingly some allegation were made that they are trying to sell one of the most sacred and divine mountain belongs to tirumala to Christian missionary.

Now a unknown Christian group tried to spread Christianity religious trips in the holy divine hills by giving advertisements in the bus tickets.In the bus tickets issued recently, there were the advertisement about the,“Christianity Holy trip to Jerusalem, Israel”

In a bus from Tirupati to Tirumala which will obviously have 100% only Hindu devotees, Whats the intention behind having the promotions made for Christian holy tours advertisements?

Has Jaganmohan Reddy’s Goverment forgotten  the rule that advertising any religion by government is unconstitutional ? Or else is his Government is ignorant of this publicity ? which was made in sacred and one of most auspicious Hindu pilgrimage?

In 2006, nearly 50 Christian families are settled on Tirumala hill and about 20 staffs of Christianity faith were employed in TT devastanam.

These families conducted Christmas prayers on the Tirumala Hill, they were audacious enough to distribute Christian pamphlets to devotees going to Tirupathi Temple.

Adding to this sad state of affairs is the authorities made an attempt of recognizing Tirumala as a township with the temple jurisdiction restricted to 27.5 sq.km . This move it is widely believed that this

step is meant to make way for construction of Church(es?) on Tirumala hills. Above events lend evidence to this belief. Otherwise what was the reason to reduce the sacred seven hills area of 243 sq.km to 27.5 sq. km? They’re by drastically reducing the jurisdiction of Devastanams? Reducing the Lord Venkateswara’s seven hills to two hills was an affront to religious sentiments of Hindus.

The Vice-Chancellor, Dean and other functionaries of Padmavati University are believing Christians and they are forcing the students to participate in Christian Prayers, taking them to Church in vehicles owned by the University, conducting

Christian religious propaganda in SV University Hostels, distributing Christian literature in educational institutions are some of the Christian activities that deeply perturb Hindu community.

The offerings made by devotees in Lord Balaji’s Hundi should be used only for Hindu religion, spiritual activities. With that object in view the Hindu Dharma PracharaSamstha was started in the year 1968. But later in the year 1982 the word Hindu was removed from its name changing it to Dharma

Prachara Parishat. The motive behind the change in name is to divert the huge funds offered by the devotees to Lord Sri Venkateswara as token of their religious devotion to populist Government schemes.

As a part of that move Rs. 500 crores worth of Hundi money is ought to be diverted in the name of “Irrigation Bonds”.

Tirumala is the most sacred place. To convert it into a tourist, recreational center as the Govt. is planning, is the sure way to ultimately make it in to a pleasure resort. This is reprehensible.

If the sacred Tirumala Temple Township is degraded in this fashion, where is the place left for Hindus? What is the fate of Hindu Society? Let us all wake up before it is too late. Let us resolve to fight out to protect the sanctity and property of sacred TT Kshetram through all possible democratic means. Let us resolve to denote all our mite and might in this regard.

Dr. Sindhu Prashanth


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