Churches in India are conspiring with the Vatican to destabilize the Modi Government!

The Congress Government is fully shaken after so many defeats that now in order to dethrone Modi Government in 2019 they are resorting to all possible means. And the new ally which is jumping in the battle field now to save Congress party is the churches of India. Churches of India are conspiring with their master Vatican to destabilize the elected government so that their favourite government Congress can come to power.

Weeks before, the archbishop of Delhi issued a controversial letter to all churches to not vote for Modi Government in 2019 and stated there was a “turbulent political atmosphere” in the country which “threatens” democracy and secularism. And after that jumped into the same lane was Goa Archbishop who said the Constitution is in danger and most people are living in insecurity.

But the attacks by the churches on the current Government has been fully torn apart by the Vishaw Hindu Parishad (VHP) Joint General Secretary Surendra Jain who has revealed the real face of the churches.Jain said it is completely clear that “Churches in India are in collusion with the Vatican and are trying to create an atmosphere of distrust against the present government. Reacting sharply to the remarks of “Constitution of India is in danger” he said Yes, I agree Constitution is in danger but not because of the current government but because of the attacking political stand of the church and its agenda of religious conversions.

He went further slamming the Vatican and said this is not the view point of the church but it is a conspiracy to form government that can work on the orders of the Vatican. He also compared the churches with the Award Wapsi Gang and said churches are similar to those Award Wapsi agents planted as serial killers to destabilize the Government.

He also backfired on churches stating that Indian churches are puppet in the hands of the Vatican which is disintegrating the Hindus and nation as a whole.

He also questioned the moves of churches that are being encountered only after Modi Government came in power and PM Modi assumed office as Prime Minister. He asked Didn’t the constitution was in danger when the emergency was imposed, Kashmiri Youths were brutally murdered in the valley and Sikhs were butchered in the 1984 riots? Why the churches has been mook spectators at that time? Why didn’t they came out in open?

They people launch all these campaigns just to defame Modi Government. Earlier also their plan has been exposed when they launched a malicious campaign of churches being attacked by the Modi Governement. Their real problem is that after Modi Governement came into power, the foreign funds they were getting for churches and to spread their conversion process and carrying out all illegal activities have been stopped. This is infact the problem of all the corrupts, terrorists and Congress party that Modi Governement has carried out a massive crackdown on their illegal activities. So they are raging against Modi Governement and also provoking people by misleading them.

Source : TimesOfIndia