CIA reports reveal how Indira Gandhi betrayed the Nation to get kickbacks from Soviet Union!

In shocking revelations, the CIA has declassified many files related to Congress funding from the year 1970’s to 1980’s. The documents released by CIA shows that for around 10 years, the Congress was being funded by USSR with a plan to influence government decisions. The Congress which was in power during this period is said to have compromised National security by revealing many details to Soviet for personal benefit.

These documents remained classified for a mandatory period of 25 years in CIA  now shows scathing evidence that Congress under Indira Gandhi and Communists parties in India were receiving huge funding from Soviet. Around 40% of MP’s in the Indira Gandhi’s government have said to have received money from USSR.

The file named The Soviets in India which is a part of documents related to 1985 CIA report, shows that the Soviet maintained huge amount of Indian currency which was used to get secretive information and for clandestine payments to Congress politicians. The report clearly states the Soviet was deeply involved in influencing political decision and matters related to National security through covert contribution to parties and individual ministers in the government.

The details revealed by the CIA is similar to the claims made by KGB operative Vasili Mitrokhin in his book. Vasili Mitrokhin is said to have smuggled thousands of secret documents from the soviet government which showed that huge amount of money in suitcases was being sent to Indira Gandhi and Congress ministers. The KGB documents also revealed that Soviet had supported the election campaign of former defence minister VK Krishna Menon, besides four other Union ministers in the 1970s.

The Congress ministers received huge kickbacks through defence dealings and Indian businessmen. The major beneficiary include people from Congress, CPI and CPM who have had constantly indulged in providing secretive information related to government deals in defence, economy and financial sectors. The documents suggest that people very close to Congress party , especially Indira Gandhi had access to top secret information and helped in striking deals with the Soviets.

The CIA claims to have particular names of individuals who were directly involved in supplying crucial information and receiving kickbacks for the same. MK Dhar, Intelligence Bureau officer in his book also claimed that the agency was able to identify four ministers and 24 MP’s in the Indira government who were involved in passing secretive information to the soviets.

After Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi was also influenced by Soviets. The reports says “The Soviets did not take seriously Gandhi’s effort to promote her younger son Sanjay as her successor but did not make the same mistake when Rajiv became the heir apparent after Sanjay’s death in 1980.  Moscow would strengthen Rajiv’s “internal political position” and try to ensure that his commitment to Indo-Soviet relationship becomes as firm as his mother’s.”

 “Whether this succeeds depends primarily on Rajiv’s leadership abilities. If Rajiv can keep the lid on internal retribution against the Sikhs and use his mother’s assassination to strengthen the Congress party or if the opposition fragments in the absence of Indira as a unifying force, the Soviets could emerge with their influence enhanced” said the report.

Even after 40 years after Indira Government, the dirty acts of Congress still haunt the country. Their every action became an unsolvable problem to India continuous to suffer even today.

Aishwarya S**