Under what Circumstances can a Father marry his Daughter as per Islam? Read to Know!

One of the prominent reasons for Uttar Pradesh citizens to see the back of Samajwadi Party was the wrecked up Law and Order situation of the state. Rape news was a constant fixture of Akhilesh Government Regime.  The SP Government was most vocal in exhibiting compassion towards the rapists. The statements like ‘ Ladkon se galti ho jati hain’ ( Boys commit mistakes) and ‘Baap aur beti mein toh balatkar hota rehta hai’ ( Rape is common between father and daughter!) are the statements people will never get over with…..especially women!

Muslim Leader of Samajwadi party, Mohammad Ikbal ‘s statement had created furore on Social Media last year.  After all, we Indians are so emotional about the sacred bond between a father and a daughter. Mohammad Ikbal actually meant that it was okay for a father to rape his daughter. Imagine the standard of Morality and Legality of the Politician to advocate allowance towards Incest and Rape as a normal occurrence!

Is it really a common thing for a father to rape his daughter? Was it the Islamic upbringing of the Muslim leader that made him believe this shit? In Hinduism, polygamy itself is illegal. The Hindu marriage is not an agreement that gets finalized by ‘I do’ or ‘Kabul hai’. It is a sacred Vedic sanskaar (ethos) imbibed for a lifetime with the divine witness of Agnidevta (A God of Fire Element) . As per Sanatana dharma, a father is supposed to maintain a physical distance from a growing up daughter.  Kanya (virgin girl) is always called as the Goddesses’  ‘Lakshmi’ or ‘Gauri’. It’s another matter that we find a few instances of crooked fathers deviating from the Hindu principles and commit filthy sins of abusing growing up daughters. But what if the principles of the Religion itself are unclear and cynical about the father and daughter relationship?

Yes, Islam has utterly accommodating principles regarding the wedding or incest between father and daughter. It is so very easy to tamper with ‘Holy Quran’ as per convenience. Prophet Mohammad had attributed legality to polygamy up to four marriages. He himself had four wives. But then he got smitten by the beauty of his daughter-in-law. Isn’t daughter-in-law equal to a daughter? Well, a quick fix was done to the Shariya rules and fifth marriage was sanctioned as per the will of Allah. Son being adopted one, his wife was claimed to be not really a daughter-in-law. Obedient son proclaimed ‘Talaq talaq talaq’ and the daughter-in-law got the privilege to marry father-in-law!

Of course, incest between father and daughter is illegal as per Holy Quran. And then there is a twist. Illegality is ‘Conditional’! It’s illegal if the daughter is legitimate and legal if the daughter is a step-daughter, adopted daughter or a daughter born out of adultery! The man has every damn right to marry his illegitimate daughter when she reaches 8 years of age, says the Holy Quran! What happens to her mother? She is to be stoned to death for her heinous crime after the childbirth and nursing period. The reward for adultery for man is a marriage with daughter after a mild punishment of 100 lashes.

Islam is just a little over thousand years old and we see many instances of father-daughter incest, rape or wedding in the Mughal history. The Mughal kings were known to play a prophet to suit their purposes. Akbar is stated to play ‘Deen-e-Ilahi’ to interpret Quran conveniently to enjoy sex with his daughters-in-law. His son Jahangir spent all his life doubting whether his children were actually his siblings! Likewise, Shah Jahan forced his 17 year old LEGITIMATE daughter Jahan Ara into incest and enjoyed sex with her till his death as a tribute to Mumtaz Mahal.

So,the Self acclaimed Prophet Shah Jahan had professed thus, “Why must a gardener not enjoy the fruits of the plant he has planted!” and made changes in Islamic rules accordingly. For tasting the youthful years of his beautiful daughter, her father kept her unmarried all her life! She fell in love with young men twice, but her jealous father nipped the romance in the bud by killing her suitors!

Woes of Jahan Aras’ continue in Islam till date! Imagine the agony of Imrana who was forced to marry her Father-in-law after he raped her! This is the status of Muslim women in 21st century, not any age old saga of 14th ,15th century ! A moment of lust of her Father-in-law makes her a ‘Mother’ to her own husband! Watch the video of Islamic Preacher Zakir Naik’s blabber on Imrana case!

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It’s high time the Uniform Civil Code is made applicable to Muslims as per the demand of our suffering Muslim sisters. No triple talaq and no halala for our Muslim women! They deserve all the equality and respect like us! And definitely, no Quran-authenticated trauma to our angelic daughters to facilitate lustful fathers!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi