Close aide of Arvind Kejriwal abuses PM Modi with really disgusting words! Will he be arrested?

There are a number of morons who earn their livelihood by criticizing and insulting our honourable Prime Minister. They probably get paid to hurl uncivilized language around and promote it accordingly. And almost entire Opposition and Anti-Modi brigade are the ones who support them for doing this on behalf of them.

This man who is repeatedly talking nonsense about PM Modi and playing with his dignity (using unacceptable language) is now fired on Twitter and Twitterati. In that case, we wouldn’t spare any of them who promote this low level job. The accused is claimed to be the close aide of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal.

In a democracy, one can have differences and can criticize based on choices. But one cannot use such highly abusive language against a democratically elected Prime Minister. Indian law should act against this immediately and strict action is required against this man.

Hello Delhi Police ,

Does it fall under freedom of expression or are you going to take an action against this close aide of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, who constantly hurls expletives at the PM of this country?

Under which law should he be punished?? Just asking the Delhi Police run by Rajnath Singh to show the section under which they will take action against this. If you can’t prevent people insulting our PM, I wonder how you’re going to stop those elements harassing the girls on the street. We do remember every incident and instance where our PM Narendra Modi is being targeted by such undignified citizens.

He has also posted violent tweets like asking public to burn BJP leaders and beat them to death. I reported his tweets.

It would be a humble request to take action against the man who has used such unparliamentary words against the respected PM of India. He has time and again abused the PM with his every tweet. And let me tell you, this is not the first time.

What provokes me to ask here is, what is “Twitter India” doing? How did they verify an account who only speaks explicit words against PM Of India, or may it be anyone in that case? Expressing one’s opinion is acceptable, but this is pure disrespect.

What MHA is doing? Are they waiting till Home Minister be affected? Mind it Modiji is not only the PM, he is the aspiration of 100+cr nationalist people .These urban Naxals must be eliminated

What has Arvind Kejriwal got to say about this move by his close aide now? Should we wait for another apology? Or will PM Modi be blamed for this as well? India has indeed turned to a country where the PM is blamed for every crisis, it seems like no other man in the world is responsible.

Let’s hope Twitter gains the courage to revoke account of this man who is using abusive language against PM of India at the behest of the apology King Arvind Kejriwal. Further such incidents should learn a lesson from this punishment.