CM Kumaraswamy reveals what Manmohan Singh did not say in 10 years! Check what he said about Congress dynasty!

For nearly 10 years, our country was ruled by such a PM who had absolutely no power of his own. To put it bluntly, he was the shield protecting Maa-Beta for all their misdeeds, scams and loot for 10 years. The entire country knew that the real power was in 10 Janpath and Sonia Gandhi was the Defacto Prime Minister.

Despite Manmohan Singh knew about various scams and loot that happened during Congress rule, he remained mute and did not speak a word of protest just to safe guard Gandhi family. Though he himself was humiliated, insulted and ill treated number of times by both Rahul and Sonia Gandhi he remained honest worker to the Gandhi family than he was to the country.

But now, Karnataka is facing same situation where Kumaraswamy has been made the Chief Minister but the real ruler seems to be the 10 JP. The BJP which fell short of 8 seats, could not form government  which made the Congress-JdS come together. The Congress declared that they would extend unconditional support to JdS just to stop BJP from coming to power and made Kumaraswamy the CM of Karnataka.

Within a day after Kumaraswamy sworn in as CM, the Congress has shown its real face and Kumaraswamy has revealed the secret of his alliance. Kumaraswamy who had promised to waive off farm loan took a sudden U turn after he became CM. When asked about it he said, He is in the mercy of Congress and not 6.5 crores Kannadigas indicating that he was nothing less than a worker to Congress.

There was massive anger against Kumaraswamy who blamed the people of Karnataka for not getting majority. But now, he has gone a step ahead and revealed what Manmohan Singh did not reveal in 10 years.

Kumaraswamy although is the Chief Minister of Karnataka, said he has no power to take any decision, he was made the CM of Karnataka by Congress, so he needs to take permission from the Congress High Command for everything.

Kumarswamy’s father also reiterated the same stance saying it was Congress high command which insisted to make Kumaraswamy CM and we do not have any powers (ABP News).

These statements of Kumarswamy and his father Deve Gowda has shown how they have turned into robots controlled by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi who have taken the democracy for a ride. It is unfortunate that Karnataka missed a stable government and now will have to remain under the mercy of Congress.

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