CM Kumarswamy hints at massive corruption in the previous Congress government, says “if I try to clean the system I won’t be CM for even 2 Seconds”!

People are now feeling the heat of the unstable coalition government formed in Karnataka which has no accountability, no responsibility and ultimately no governance.

Since one month, Karnataka is facing hell lot of problems with cyclones and floods, but not one Minister is bothered to hear people’s cry. They are all busy lobbying near the gates of 10 Janpath and Devegowda’s residence for posts and power. Just days after Kuaraswamy made a massive U turn on farm loan waiver, now he has put another bomb saying if he tries to clean corruption in Karnataka, he will not remain CM for even 2 seconds.

Yes, this was the statement he made today. Kumaraswamy during his speech hinted at the corruption of Congress government and said the system is so deeply rooted with corruption and if he tries to clean it, he will not remain CM for 2 seconds. He said he will follow the path of Gandhiji and up lift his name. But the question is, if he says that he cannot clean the system, then how will he ever up lift Gandhiji’s name?

A week back, the same person Kumarswamy had said he cannot take any independent decision and need permission of Congress high command for everything which showed that the real boss is not Kumaraswamy but Congress. Seems like Kumaraswamy has no power or control with him and needs to take permission before he decides anything.

So, it is more so that Kumaraswamy has now accepted that he cannot waive off farm loans because Congress doesn’t support, he cannot clean the system because Congress doesn’t permit and finally he cannot even take any decision of his own as Chief Minister of Karnataka because he is in coalition government. Why did he even accept the CM position is the big question.

With Kumaraswamy’s statement, the rift between Congress and JDS looks wide open. While Siddaramaiah is already trying to pressurize the Congress to gain AICC president ship, his rival gang D K Shivkumar is trying all his best to snatch the post. It is not just them, but M B Patil and Satish jarkiholi are up in the race. Jarkiholi has already resigned as the AICC secretary and is threatening to go against Congress.

While Revanna, the older brother of Kumarswamy said that he is not sure till when this government will survive, DK Shivkumar from Congress has warned all Engineers in the Water resources department not to take charge until further instructions. One can imagine what is the state of Karnataka facing in the current situation with no government, no ministers, no accountability.

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