CM Siddaramaiah plays dangerous game, tries to divide Lingayat community people in Karnataka!

The shameful game of politicians to divide people based on religion, caste and creed still finds no end. The disease of spreading caste politics is increasing under the Congress rule. While the caste and religion politics has caused irreparable damage to the society, the Karnataka Chief Minister again proposes to seek separate religion status for the Lingayat community.

Lingayat community in Karnataka consists of 20% of the population. The North and Central Karnataka has considerable number of people of Lingayat community who play significant role in deciding the political future of leaders. C M Siddaramaiah now wants to attract the community votes for which he is trying all tricks. In an attempt to woo the lingayat community, he asserted that he was a staunch supporter of Basaveshwara, 12th century saint-poet and social reformer and said he was a strong believer of the Basavanna. While addressing the Akihil Bharat Veerashaiva Mahasabha, proposed to give Veerashaiva Lingayat community a separate religion status and said he will consult the heads of the Lingayat community before he sends recommendation to the centre.

Shamanur Shivashankarapp, the MLA of Congress asked the CM to set up a centre for studying vachana sahitya at Kudalasangama, the place where Basaveshwara’s samadhi. But Siddaramaiah did not give any assurance for the same , but instead he racked up an issue to divide the Hindus.

B S Yeduyurappa, the BJP leader is from the Lingayat community and has significant support from the community. This is the reason why Siddaramaiah has now given call to make Lingayat a separate religion. This is nothing but a way to divide the community people and create chaos in the society.

If the Lingayat community is given separate religion status, then other prominent castes in Karnataka will demand the same which will further lead to major division in the society. Each religion will later demand reservation in schools, government jobs which will collapse the system and make an irreparable damage.

Politicians should rather focus on developing all people rather than dividing the society on religious grounds. It is indeed a shame as to how these politicians use people for their political games.

Aishwarya S