CM Siddaramayya cracked a deal with the people who wanted to kill 100 crore Hindus in 15 minutes?

The Karnataka Congress at one end is hell bound to celebrate the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan while at other end the same Congress government had printed a book in which Tipu was called as a tyrant and a murder. By this, Congress has contradicted its stands on Tipu.

No, Karnataka CM Siddaramayya has made another move which has not just enraged Hindus but even baffled lakhs of Muslims in Karnataka. The reason for this is that Karnataka CM has held talks with two communal outfits of India namely MIM and SDPI. These two outfits have histories of increasing rifts between communities by giving out provoking statements.

What is the purpose of meeting these organisations?

Firstly, almost all communities are dumping the Congress party. Even after regularly hurting Hindu sentiments, Congress was successful in holding Hindu vote base. But since last 2 years, Hindu community was hugely hurt after holding ‘Tipu Jayanti’. Not just this, even RSS and BJP workers were brutally killed at broad daylight by Jihadi forces yet the Congress government failed to nab the culprits. This has made it apparent that Hindus will dump the Congress.

Now, the organisations like AIMIM and SDPI have increased their vote base in Karnataka by radicalising youths in the name of religion. So if candidates from MIM and SDPI contest elections, then Congress would certainly lose its large vote base. In order to prevent this, the Congress is trying to make a pact with these organisations so that it will again ascend the throne of Karnataka.

MLA Zamir Ahmed has been entrusted the duty of making agreements with MIM and SDPI leaders. Political experts have speculated that this will help BJP as the Hindus, who are in majority, will unite and support BJP in the elections.

History of MIM!!! How it wanted to merge Hyderabad with Pakistan!!!

  • Indians were baffled to see why Owaisi brothers are acting like mouth-piece of Pakistan. Here is the reason for it. MIM is a party which had its existence prior to India’s Independence. It advocated the setting up of a Muslim dominion rather than integration with India before Independence.
  • MIM was directly linked to the “Razakars” in 1940s. It was a Muslim paramilitary organization that was set up to oppose the merger of ‘Hyderabad’ state with India.
  • The strategy of ‘Razakars’ was to first demand and fight for an independent Hyderabad that will be eventually merged with Pakistan, reported India TV.
  • But the iron man of India didn’t let this happen as he merged Hyderabad with India and eventually ensured the ban of MIM in the year 1948. The ban was continued till the year 1957.
  • The then President Qasim Rizvi was jailed in 1948 and was released in 1957 only on a condition that he would go to Pakistan. In the year 1976, the Owaisi brothers’s father Salahuddin Owaisi became the President of MIM. This makes it clear that this party was always an enemy of India.

Communal achievements of AIMIM!!!

“Remove police for 15 minutes, we will finish off one billion Hindus”. This was said by the Akbaruddin Owaisi but CM Siddaramayya doesn’t have any problem in joining hands with anti-Hindu organisations.

“My religion, my Constitution and my law doesn’t ask me to say it. Even if someone puts a knife on my throat I will not say it”. This was said by MIM MLA Waaris Pathan who is in India, denied to sing national anthem.

Communal achievements of SDPI!!!

Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) was founded on 21 June 2009 and it is the political wing of Popular Front of India (PFI).

The charge-sheet filed by National Investigation Agency (NIA) revealed that Popular Front of India (PFI) and their political outfit Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) in conducting arms training camps across the state under the pretense of health awareness camps and yoga classes

SDPI also ensured that Vande Mataram is removed from the Independence Day programme in a private school in the year 2014. The reason given by them was that the song was against the religious beliefs of the Muslim community.

Now CM Siddaramayya wants to embrace these parties in the upcoming assembly elections.

Source: http://www.indiatvnews.com/politics/national/akbaruddin-owaisi-controversial-speeches-mim-7583.html?page=15

Vimarsh Kumar