While CM Siddaramayya Is Dividing The State Based On Flag, Language & Religion – Kodagu & Tulu Naads Demand For Separate State Intensifies

Just few years ago, Karnataka was one of the most peaceful state to live in however things seems to be changing drastically under the leadership of Congress CM Siddaramayya. With elections fast approaching, CM Siddaramayya seems to have opened all the dirty tactics to win elections. The anti-Hindi remark was very well organized considering the fact that the metro was first inaugurated in the year 2011 October and it was under the guidance of then UPA govt the Hindi sign boards was installed. The Hindi sign boards were always there in the last 60 years on congress rule in Airports and Railways, my question is why was the protest not triggered then? Is this a new tactics of Siddaramayya, has he stuck a deal with few people to make this a issue? Moving on with a question in mind let me tell you Siddaramayya has rucked up another issue of a state flag. Karnataka traditionally had the turmeric and vermillion colored flag which is symbolic of Arishina and Kumkuma. The flag that we currently have is emblematic to people of Karnataka however now the Congress lead government is planning to change the flag considering this is not legal giving a clear Hint that he is trying to break the state. Irony is some people who act as the stake holders of Kannada language seems to be sold to Congress government. This is a dangerous development hampering the unity of the state. The CM now took a step head to break the Hindu community by dividing the Lingayat offering them to provide minority rights if they come out in open & admit they are not Hindus. He seems to have partially succeeded in this after protest broke in various part of the state asking for the minority rights by Lingayat community. Every step that he is taking towards his election strategy seems to be helping him however the state of Karnataka is not very far from being divided.

While CM Siddaramayya plans for separate flag, breaks Hindu community and anti-Hindi strategy seems to be working his way there is a massive rebellion from Kodagu and Tulu Naad state against the state government’s dirty politics. The people of these regions have been demanding for separate state for Kodagu – Tulu Naad. People of these regions have also been asking for religious minority for decades and recent development and political polarization have only triggered to intensify their protest. The people of this region are claiming for a separate state based on the unique tradition, speak different language like Kodava Takk, Tulu, Ayerebashe and even the Kodava Muslim community in Kodagu follow unique tradition which is usually not practiced among other Muslims. The activist say Tulu Naad and Kodagu State fight is not today’s story, this has now been going on from years and considering recent development where the state is divided based on flag and minority status it is ideal for us to intensify our demands. We follow separate custom, we speak separate language, and our traditions are way apart so we demand a state based on their basic criteria said another activist.  The Kodagu and Tulu Naad seems to be felt left out from the growing political tug war in the name of language, custom and religion which has forced for activist to intensity their demand for separate state.

These dangerous developments have only left people of Karnataka wonder how this election would impact the state. On one side we fight to uphold the integrity of our love towards the language but on the other side we see Karnataka breaking apart. Will congress government end up dividing the state? Would this be the end of unity of the most loved state in the country? Would political parties break the union of the districts which once formed a state and then never looked back? Will Karnataka stand up and hold back the loosing glory? Only time will have to tell.

Thimmaiah M M