CM who watches 40 movies in a year, demands 400% salary hike !

Who Wants 400% Salary Hike??

How many of you have asked your bosses for a 400% salary hike at one go? If not, tomorrow we can all go to our bosses and request for a 400% hike in our salary. Let”™s see how our bosses would react. If your boss rejects your appeal, will you blame him for snatching your rights and not letting you perform? But our Delhi CM Kejriwal finds no fault in demanding 400% salary hike for Delhi MLAs in addition to

But our Delhi CM Kejriwal finds no fault in demanding 400% salary hike for Delhi MLAs in addition to hefty increase in perks and allowances. The appeal has been rejected by the central committee for his unrealistic demand. So we may soon see Kejriwal on either twitter abusing and complaining about Modi snatching his salary or near RBI headquarters demanding money.

In what is called a bizarre argument, the Delhi government has provided no information on what basis are they demanding 400% hike in salary. The President of India gets a salary of Rs 1,50,000 and the Prime Minister Rs 1,60,000 (1,58,000 to be precise), but obviously, Kejriwal thinks Delhi is bigger than India and his work is 400% times more than the President and Prime Minister themselves to draw a salary of 3,50,000/ month.

Exactly why people mock Kejriwal is a man who thinks CM post is greater than PM and would prefer to be the CM of the World!

Is it worth giving Rs 3,50,000 to a man who spends 18 hours complaining about Modi, watching movies and entertaining Delhi on twitter? While his 21 MLA”™s are facing charges for holding “office of Profit” and another 7 MLAs have been arrested for various criminal charges for harassing women and murder cases, on what morality are they demanding hike? Or is he diverting all funds in the name of salary to his party members? What sort of Aam Aadmi expects a 400% salary hike?

Kejriwal spent 620 crores on advertisement but has no money to pay MCD workers for over 3 months. AAP is the first party in the history which calls itself AAM AADMI and draws a salary of 3Lakhs…WHAH !!!

Aishwarya S