CM Yogi Adityanath does it again! Mayawati gets back electric supply of her house after 9 days when she paid ₹ 1.68 Cr Bill to the UP Power department!!! No more free bees now under Yogi Rule

He told, “I don’t spare any corruption in my state. I will destroy it no matter what.” and he did not fail to prove it each time. Now, firebrand Yogi Adityanath government is taking action against every corrupt politician, civilians and series of encounters are happening. Do you think that this is against Human right?! Do you think this is not the type of administration? Well! if you think so, let me tell you. The current society which is adjusted to the past 70 years of ‘corrupt’ administration. And, that’s why we feel terrible if laws become a little strict over our lives.

Yogi won’t spare you if you are cheating the nation!

Oh yes! As per a report, the Yogi government had cut down the electricity in BSP’s guest house positioned at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg for non-payment dues! The report said that the electricity bill was not paid for BSP’s leader Mayawati’s Mal Avenue residence for few years. Shocking news is the total electricity dues of her properties were whopping Rs.1.68 crores!!

Three electrical connections, which is for the residence and another two connections are for the BSP’s guest house. The residence of Mayawati holds the due of Rs.94.41 lakhs and the guest house due is Rs.45.69 lakhs and Rs.27.99 lakhs respectively. The irony of Mayavathi government is, the dues were never paid for the connection was provided to the guesthouses.

The Lucknow Electricity Supply Administration (LESA) warned that they cut off the power supply to the guest house if she did not pay the dues. But, when Mayavathi did not give any attention, LESA cut off power supply on 23rd March. As per the reports, Mayavathi finally paid all the dues on Friday. Following this, the current supply was restored to the guesthouse, the same evening.

Ever since Yogi government came to power in Uttar Pradesh, the party is well acted and the entire state is developing. The state is trying to give “24*7 power for all” by the end of 2019. that too, BPL card holders would be given free electricity connections. And, those who do not have BPL cards would need to pay a nominal amount of Rs 80 to Rs 120.

Back in 2017, just 32% (92.72.706) out of the total 2,89,46,089 rural households in the state were given to power supply. Another 29% out of the total have received power but have not been formalised due to the improper power supply.

See, this is how one responsible government should work. Yogi government is not only taking care of power supply but also a water supply which is more important for the people of Uttar Pradesh. Roads, drainage systems and every facility are now developing in Uttar Pradesh just because the Yogi government.

The former government was known for corruptions and nowhere the term “Development” would have seen. It was just like ruling the state and enjoying the facility that too from the tax of the people. I guess, Mayavati and Akhilesh, both have lost their influence over Uttar Pradesh people. Because, an Indian always steps ahead of development, but not to stay backslid.

Source: opindia.com