CMS India Corruption Study 2017 releases survey results on most corrupt state in India, read which state stands first!

The Centre for Media Studies (CMS) on Thursday released the survey results on the most corrupt state in India. The survey involved collecting people’s opinion on their access to public service and governance in the state.

The survey was conducted over the last one year covering 20 states, including Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Punjab, and more than 3,000 households from both rural and urban areas. The CMS said that telephonic survey was also conducted to check the impact of demonetization and their perception on the corruption levels in government offices.

“More than half of the respondents felt the level of corruption decreased during that period (November-December last year) while 12% opined that graft had increased in that period 21 per cent felt it had remained the same,” the survey said.

The survey results showed that Karnataka stands as the most corrupt state in India. 77% people of the state have declared that there is no access to government office without bribe and public service department is the worst. The access to public survey is said to be almost impossible and the developmental works are badly affected.


This was followed by Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu (68%), Maharashtra (57%), Jammu and Kashmir (44%) and Punjab (42%),” the survey said.

the report said that “In 2005, the more corrupt states were Bihar (74%), Jammu and Kashmir (69%) Odisha (60%), Rajashthan (59%) and Tamil Nadu (59%),” but now Karnataka has taken over all other districts said the member.

karnataka government which is ruled by the Congress government has been involved in huge land scams, fly over scams and massive misuse of government funds. After demonetization, one of the states where highest number of raids were conducted was in Karnataka. It is said that most business people and politicians brought there money to karnataka to get them converted to white. The state government and the Chief Minister was himself accused of helping the corrupt politicians to convert black money to white.

During the month of November and December many Congress ministers houses were raided by the Income Tax department where they recovered thousands of crore black money.  Karnataka also reported highest number of farmer death since last year and still the government as utterly failed to take up any welfare schemes that can help farmers. This is indeed a shameful result to Karnataka and Congress government which is riding on arrogance and has no respect for people’s plight.

Aishwarya S